1. Bradley International Airport

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  2. About Bradley International Airport

    Bradley International Airport

    The region's major airport, located 20 minutes from Springfield, offers more than 300 daily commercial flights to 35 North American cities through 15 carriers. Their international services include non-stop flights to Canada, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Mexico.

  3. Quotes about Bradley International Airport

    1. Bradley International Airport is a major economic driver for Connecticut, and it continues to be a player in our efforts to grow our economy, boost tourism, and improve our transportation system.
      In Bradley International hopes to grow to a 10 million-passenger airport
    2. We are reimagining travel through Bradley International Airport and, in that regard, we have placed a significant focus on taking our concession experience to the next level.
      In Hot Oven Cookies among new food options coming to Bradley International Airport
    3. Bradley International Airport has a strong reputation in the region, and it is not going unnoticed by our airline partners like Southwest.
      In Bradley International Airport Launches Daily, Non-stop Service to St. Louis