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    2. Baystate Health’s TechSpring Innovation Center Launches Development Environment Based on InterSystems Platform

      ...adoption and to go to market with a competitive advantage. Visit: techspringhealth.org. About Baystate Health Baystate Health is a not-for-profit healthcare organization serving over 800,000 people throughout western New...
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  2. About Baystate Health

    Baystate Health

    Baystate Health is the parent corporation of an integrated health care system that includes Baystate Medical Center, Baystate Mary Lane Hospital in Ware, and Baystate Franklin Medical Center.


    1. A motorcycle goes where you fix the direction. Humans are visual creatures, and this applies not only with motorcycles, but with most things we undertake, the first step of a journey together, and of a convergence of mutually held visions.
      In Baystate Wing officially part of Baystate Health: 'Winner is the patient,' doctor says
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    1. This is a sizable investment in Baystate Health and our community – and it is greatly appreciated.
      Mark R. Tolosky in MassMutual donates $3 million to Baystate Medical Center’s Springfield expansion
    2. The joining of the exceptional strengths of two of our campuses with Baystate Health embodies the UMass system's commitment to having a statewide impact.
      In University of Massachusetts Medical School to open Springfield campus
    3. We welcome the opportunity to expand educational opportunities for our medical students with Baystate Health's respected caregivers and leaders as our partners.
      In University of Massachusetts Medical School to open Springfield campus