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  2. About Alex Morse

    Alex Morse

    Alex Morse is the Mayor of Holyoke.


    1. Good things have happened in the last year, and there are a lot of shovels in the ground. People can see things moving forward, which is a sign that the economy in Holyoke is getting better, and we will continue to put more shovels in the ground this year.
      In Community Spotlight: Holyoke | BusinessWest
    2. But it was a huge economic-development opportunity, and although there were times when funding was short, we were able to get $4 million in state and federal funds for it through MassWorks grants; it has been paid for without taking any money from local sources.
      In Community Spotlight: Holyoke | BusinessWest
    3. The business provides space in which craftspeople work, teach, and hold events. It has become an incubator space for artists.
      In Community Spotlight: Holyoke | BusinessWest
    4. This is just one of the improvements we've made to catalyze retail businesses along the canal and make our downtown walkable.
      In Community Spotlight: Holyoke | BusinessWest
    5. The prospect of getting more people to live downtown is exciting, and this is a great example of a public/private partnership.
      In Community Spotlight: Holyoke | BusinessWest
    6. The conversion of Holyoke Catholic High School will complete that block and bring more life to the neighborhood.
      In Community Spotlight: Holyoke | BusinessWest
    7. The city and Holyoke Community College recently announced that HCC is moving its entire culinary-hospitality department downtown, and the Steam Building is being considered as one of the potential sites.
      In Community Spotlight: Holyoke | BusinessWest
  4. Quotes about Alex Morse

    1. We are pleased to honor Mayor Alex Morse for his leadership in raising the profile of mentoring and its importance to the health of the Holyoke community.
      In Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse to get Mass Mentoring Partnership award in Boston
    2. With leadership from Mayor Alex Morse and Superintendent Sergio Paez, civic leaders have built a citywide early literacy taskforce and developed a far-reaching early literacy blueprint.
      In Holyoke Early Literacy Initiative wins 2014 Gateway Cities Innovation award
    3. Our entry into the city would not have been possible without the creativity and innovation of Alex Morse and his team and the entire planning staff. We are grateful for their help in making this happen.
      In Summer opening eyed for $1 million bankESB in Holyoke