1. Community Spotlight: Chicopee | BusinessWest

      Community Spotlight: Chicopee | BusinessWest
      Kenn Delude, president and CEO of Westmass Area Development Corp., cites the Chicopee River Business Park as an example of an area poised for development. The park, built on the grounds of the former Oxford Country Club and Springfield Rifle Range, is located at the intersection of I-90 and I-291, and contains plots that vary in size and could be used for office space and/or manufacturing. The park contains ...
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    2. Allan Blair, president and CEO of Western Mass Economic Development Council, to retire at end of 2014

      Allan Blair, president and CEO of Western Mass Economic Development Council, to retire at end of 2014
      Allan W. Blair is retiring as president and CEO of the Western Mass Economic Development Council at the end of 2014 after 18 years at the helm of the region's economic development entity. Blair made the announcement Thursday morning, and a search committee, headed by Peter F. Straley, chairman and chief executive of Springfield-based insurer Health New England, is already set up.
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    3. Profiles in Business

      Profiles in Business
      “I’ve given my definition of economic development to different groups over the years, and the more experienced I get, the more that definition morphs a little bit,” he explained. “Economic development, as I see it, is creating increasing investment in our region — and, ultimately, a city or town — that generates increased tax revenue to the municipality and the state and creates jobs; that’s my simple definition.
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