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    1. Patrick’s jobs czar: we’re almost back - BostonHerald.com

      Patrick’s jobs czar: we’re almost back - BostonHerald.com
      Bialecki said he is planning a new initiative to woo companies from the metropolitan New York area, targeting financial services and information technology firms. He hopes some of those companies will consider relocating customer service jobs outsourced abroad so they are closer to home, particularly in the lower-cost Springfield area.A successful example, he said, is a Liberty Mutual customer service call center located in downtown Springfield, announced in 2008.
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    2. Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center groundbreaking in Holyoke draws state, college officials

      Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center groundbreaking in Holyoke draws state, college officials
      ...” said Gregory P. Bialecki, secretary of the state Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development. Gov. Deval L. Patrick said later the computing center is an example of the state working with higher education and ...
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    3. Task force established to help with creation of high-speed computing center planned in Holyoke

      ...canals that connect to the Connecticut River south of City Hall, but the big question remains, where exactly? Gregory Bialecki, state secretary of housing and economic development, said in the October visit with Patrick ...
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