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    1. House approves $500M transpo-tax bill

      House approves $500M transpo-tax bill

      In a 105 to 47 vote Wednesday, the Massachusetts House of Representatives approved a final transportation funding bill Wednesday that raises $500 million dollars in new taxes.  By 2017, that number will jump to $800 million dollars. “There’s a great need for transportation infrastructure improvements so what we did today was we dedicated a funding stream to be able to make those improvements and invest in Massachusetts so that we can help the economy grow,” said Rep. Michael Finn (D-West Springfield).

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    2. Railroad upgrades are underway in Mass.

      Railroad upgrades are underway in Mass.

      In just a few years, travel could be a lot easier here in Massachusetts. Railroad renovations are underway as part of the New England Northeast rail corridor project. It's a federal project being paid with stimulus dollars. The goal is for Amtrak service to be available from New Haven up to Vermont, making stops in between.

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    3. MA vocational schools receiving grants

      MA vocational schools receiving grants

      Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray announced more than $1 million in grants for vocational school Wednesday; this could impact a local school near you. 25 vocational school districts across Massachusetts are getting more than $1 million in grants to better equip their students with the challenges of the modern workforce. Franklin County Technical School District and Springfield Public Schools are some of the western Massachusetts schools that will receive money.

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    4. Work at GCC on eco-friendly landscapes

      Work at GCC on eco-friendly landscapes

      Each group of GCC students was assigned to a particular organization, business, or home in Greenfield to try and improve their site plans using permaculture in a cost-effective way. The students received their official permaculture certificate Thursday, after meeting 78 hours throughout the semester.  Ms. Dresdale, their teacher, said that many of those hours were spent outside during 15 weeks of intense work.  Julia Moore of Amherst was assigned to a residential home, and she said it wasn't just about drawing it all out on paper.

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    5. Job Growth Projections Come With...

      Job Growth Projections Come With...

      The State of Massachusetts has chosen 6 economic sectors where it sees the best potential to create jobs over the next ten years. Project Manager of the Workforce Development and Transformation Grant for Greenfield Community College, Andrew Baker said, “Those are in Healthcare, Information Technology, Renewable energy, advanced manufacturing, biotechnology and entrepreneurship.  Each region is pursuing the programs and the jobs that best fit its region and its college.” 

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    6. Jobs outlook better for 2013 grads

      Jobs outlook better for 2013 grads

      The surveyed employers are looking to fill positions in information technology, customer service, finance, and accounting, with starting salaries between $30-50,000 dollars per year. “Some of my friends are looking to get degrees in programs that I have no idea what they're going to do with it. I just really like working with computers. I chose it based on that and I happened to choose a field that is popular,” said Daniel Houle of Agawam.

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    7. Manufacturing jobs high, workers low

      Manufacturing jobs high, workers low

      - Lt. Governor Tim Murray paid a visit to the Valley Steel Stamp Company in Greenfield on Thursday, to promote Governor Patrick’s initiatives in manufacturing. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that there will be three job openings for every newly-certified precision metalworker over the coming decade.

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    8. State of the People report

      State of the People report

      The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission today released a 10-year update of the ' State of the People in the Pioneer Valley.' It's a report measuring how the region, and the people who live in it, measure up across eight categories.  Good, but not perfect. That's the overall grade of the 2013 'State of the People in the Pioneer Valley' report. The 10-year evaluation gives letter grades in eight categories: Children and Youth; Elderly; Education; Health and Safety; Economic Security; Housing; Civic, Arts, Recreation; Environment.

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