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    1. Springfield named "All-America City"

      Springfield named "All-America City"

      Springfield and Pittsfield were chosen Monday by the National Civic League as two of their 2012 All-America Cities. More than 100 U.S. cities submitted entries to receive the designation; one that has been given since 1949 to communities working to solve community problems. This year, applicants were asked to focus on how to close the achievement gap.

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    2. Officials praise economic-jobs bill

      Officials praise economic-jobs bill

      The bill was authored by Chicopee representative Joe Wagner and passed the House of Representatives in May.  It proposes to invest $50 million in infrastructure improvement and another $10 million in workforce development. For every dollar of state investment toward innovation projects, the bill requires $3 dollars of federal or private investment.

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    3. Casino could affect small businesses

      Casino could affect small businesses

      Jeffrey Ciuffreda, the Executive Director of the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce, told 22News, it doesn't matter what kind of business you own. It could be a restaurant or a convenience store, but everyone would be affected one way or another by a casino. "When [resort casinos] come in, they'll have to respect the fabric they are operating within and not just come in and take over everything," he said. "But as I said, share the wealth with everyone."

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    4. Leaders from WMass and CT talk about future of region

      The focus of the conference this year was to talk about how to make the region bigger and stronger so it can compete with other regions across the country. "If you think long range, the population of the U.S. is going to be in ten major metro areas, mega regions, and we're trying to make sure we are connected to the northeast mega region.  That's going to be critical in terms of our success going forward.  We're basically trying to border bust, take down the state line and act as a unit and get to be ...

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    5. State explores economic growth in WMass

      Housing and Economic Development Secretary Gregory Bialecki said his office is facilitating relationships between western Massachusetts companies and large companies, like Raytheon, which specializes in military defense products.  “We’re actually going to start by talking with some of our big companies that are here about, first of all, locating some of their business units out in Western Mass or other low costs parts of the state,” said Bialecki.

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