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    1. Lisa Wieland will serve as Massport’s new chief executive

      Lisa Wieland will serve as Massport’s new chief executive

      Lisa Wieland The Massachusetts Port Authority picked its port director, Lisa Wieland, on Thursday to be its next chief executive, bypassing the other finalist, a member of the city’s power elite, for one of the most influential public-sector jobs in the state. The 5-to-2 vote by the Massport board of directors makes Wieland the second woman to hold the $360,000-a-year post that oversees Logan Airport, Boston port operations, two other airports, and large chunks of real estate in South Boston.

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    2. 2015 top 100 women-led businesses in Massachusetts - The Boston Globe

      2015 top 100 women-led businesses in Massachusetts - The Boston Globe

      We looked at revenue or operating budget and other variables, including number of full-time employees in the state, workplace and management diversity, and innovative projects. We then ranked organizations according to our own formula. We considered both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. This is the 14th year that the Commonwealth Institute — a local nonprofit that supports female business leaders — has created the list, and the third year that the Globe Magazine has partnered with the group.

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    3. Big-data crunching hits the fast lane in Holyoke - Boston Globe

      Cloud computing is available through commercial vendors such as Google Inc. and Amazon.com Inc, but using them can be both costly and too slow. Just getting Big Data to computing clusters powerful enough to analyze it can be an elaborate ordeal that can take days. The size of such files can easily overwhelm the computer networks and Internet connections of most small companies, and there are bottlenecks and traffic jams along the way that further slow down delivery.

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    4. More than ‘fiscal cliff’ at work in state budget shortfall - Business

      Michael J. Widmer, president of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, noted that the national economy grew at half the rate expected at the end of last year. Andre Mayer, senior vice president for research at Associated Industries of Massachusetts, the state’s largest employers’ group, noted the economic crisis in Europe and a slowdown in China’s booming economy.
      Massachusetts exports to Europe during first nine months of 2011 fell by $1.1 billion, or 13.5 percent, compared with the same period a year ago, while exports to China dropped by 11 percent, or $177 million. “Those problems do have ...

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    5. New data center focuses on using less energy

      New data center focuses on using less energy

      But the Holyoke center, through the choice of its power supply, design of the cooling systems, and other measures, is expected to use at least 25 percent less energy than the typical data center. The focus on efficiency is being driven by the increasing need for more computing power, which can be expensive, said Claude Canizares, vice president for research and associate provost at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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