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    1. ’Serious contender’ in MBTA railcar bid still hot on Berkshires location

      Berkshire County is one of several areas in the state that have expressed an interest in being the site for a manufacturer to build 226 new vehicles for the MBTA's Orange and Red lines, with an option to construct 58 additional Red Line cars. Between eight and nine railcar manufacturers are expected to bid on the project, local officials have said.

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    2. Bio-pharma firm aims to bring 90 'high-end' jobs to Berkshires

      A bio-pharmaceutical company is working to establish a manufacturing facility in Berkshire County that could bring dozens of jobs within five years Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing, which officially incorporated this week, has spoken with officials in both Pittsfield and Lee, and has also been in contact with MassDevelopment, said Andrea Wagner, one three Boston-area shareholders who established the company. Wagner said the company hopes to have a facility in the Berkshires up and running within 15 months after financing is completed. The firm has verbal commitments from equity investors, and is currently working with local banks, including Berkshire Bank, Wagner said.

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    3. Ground is broken on new Berkshire Place, retirement facility in Pittsfield

      Ground is broken on new Berkshire Place, retirement facility in Pittsfield

      MassDevelopment, the state's finance and development agency, has issued a tax-exempt bond on behalf of Berkshire Retirement Home Inc., which operates Berkshire Place, to assist the project. Berkshire Place expects to create 18 jobs as a result of the project, along with 75 construction jobs, according to MassDevelopment calculations, the state agency said in a press release. NBT Bank, Adams Community Bank and Glens Falls National Bank purchased the bond. The bond was enhanced by a MassDevelopment guarantee.

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    4. Steve Nelson: A thirst for broadband

      Today in Western Massachusetts the crisis is not the flow of water but the flow of information. Many people can only get Internet connections which are just a trickle compared to the high-speed Internet service offered elsewhere by cable and phone companies. But they do not serve many rural areas because they don't see any profits to be made there. To bring service to people in those areas, the Patrick administration created the Massachusetts Broadband Institute. Using state and federal funds, MBI

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    5. Berkshire cultural sites to share $5M in state grants

      The grants were announced this week by Gov. Deval Patrick and comprise the Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield, the Images Cinema in Williamstown, the Berkshire Historical Society at Arrowhead (the Herman Melville home) in Pittsfield, the city of North Adams for the Mohawk Theater, the Becket Arts Center of the Hilltowns, and the Sandisfield Arts & Restoration Committee.

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    6. Pittsfield dog treat business receives $200K loan

      Pittsfield dog treat business receives $200K loan

      The company had eight employees at the end of 2011, but has already hired one new worker this year and plans to hire another during the fourth quarter. The company plans to hire two more employees next year, Gigliotti said. He said his company plans to maintain its relationship with MassDevelopment. "If we hit our numbers and continue to grow, we're going to need more equipment down the road," Gigliotti said. "We'll have an ongoing need for equipment." MassDevelopment works with businesses, nonprofits, financial institutions and communities to stimulate economic growth across the state. The agency financed or ...

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    7. Manufacturers hire in tech and management

      Manufacturers hire in tech and management

      Among Massachusetts manufacturers, the greatest percentage of advertised job openings were in the computer equipment sector at 28 percent, followed by positions in pharmaceutical and medicine at 24.7 percent. The most sought-after occupations by state manufacturers included sales and customer service representatives, computer and information technology-related positions, and managers.

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    8. Make or break: Challenges to manufacturing in the Berkshires

      Make or break: Challenges to manufacturing in the Berkshires
      Michael Graney, the senior vice president of business development at the Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts in Springfield, said the "traditional, commodity-based heavy stuff" normally associated with New England manufacturing "is not going to make a lot of sense here" due to the high costs associated with labor, energy and doing business in this region. But Graney believes that small, well-run manufacturers who make products for a specific or "niche" markets, such as Pittsfield Plastics & Engineering, can succeed.
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    9. Big Y executes sale-lease agreement in Lee

      Big Y had bought the Pleasant Street property for $4.25 million in September 2010 from the F.L. Roberts Co. of Springfield. F.L. Roberts formerly operated Diesel Dan’s truck stop plaza on the lot, which is located off Route 2 of the Massachusetts Turnpike. The company planned to convert the space into a $21.5 million travel plaza, but sold the property to Big Y when the economic downturn caused those plans to fall through.
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    10. Gov. eyes additional $5M for cultural funding

      As the state prepares to formally release $853,000 in matching grants to support restoration, repairs and upgrades at a half-dozen Berkshire cultural organizations, the Gov. Deval Patrick administration has revealed plans to release an additional $5 million statewide in Cultural Facilities Fund awards for the coming year.
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    11. Berkshire Visitors Bureau and Chamber of Commerce offices moving - Berkshire Eagle Online

      Friday August 19, 2011 The Berkshire Visitors Bureau -- the countys primary tourism organization -- is moving out of the Discover the Berkshires Visitors Center in Adams, its home since 2004, and the Berkshire Chamber of Commerce is leaving the Central Block on North Street in Pittsfield, its home of 11 years.
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    12. Broadband grant will help 'last mile' - Berkshire Eagle Online

      A new grant opportunity from the Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI) aims to make it easier for service providers and municipalities to bridge the gap between a new fiber-optic network being built and the "last mile" of connection to homes and businesses. The competitive grants of up to $50,000 are open to a range of groups, public and private, from major service providers down to small municipalities. "We’re expecting to get applications from a number of potential providers, big and small, to make it fair and open to the largest possible pool that we could," said Jason Whittet, deputy ...
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