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    1. Plane Speaking

      Plane Speaking
      Lyon now boasts 25 employees and annual sales around $20 million. Along the way, it has steadily added to its fleet of planes. The hangars at the Pittsfield airport now house that original Cessna and a twin-engine model (used for training), a Piper Navajo,a six-seat Lear Jet, two eight-passenger Hawker 800s (the ‘workhorses’ of the stable), and the showhorse (although it logs considerable time in the air itself), a Gulfstream IV, or G4, as it’s often called, which can seat 12, although it rarely does
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    2. ‘Seemingly Bright’

      ‘Seemingly Bright’
      The recent Jeopardy! contests featuring IBM’s Watson computer was a success on a number of levels, from television ratings to exposure for IBM and its products. In a quieter fashion, the show and the computer have shed some light on what’s known as question-answering, or QA, technology, and the important work being done in this realm by UMass Amherst and its Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval, which is hard at work finding new and better ways to search materials, extract information, and help people make sense of the information they retrieve.
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    3. Regional Approach

      Regional Approach
      “The ERC5 has its own individual chamber, but has the ability to access all the resources the ACCGS has to offer. “We see value in the extended networking powers we get with Outlook, the Business Expo, and all the After 5s and breakfasts our members have the ability to attend,” she continued. “From a marketing standpoint, it extends our marketing ability from the 240 members ERC5 has to 800;
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    4. Great Time to Build

      Great Time to Build
      Higher education is one industry that has embraced the advantages of building when prices are low, said Fontaine, whose firm counts colleges and universities among its niches. “The private colleges seem to have picked up on this,” he continued. “Last year we just finished the pharmacy school at WNEC, which benefited immensely from that market, and a dormitory at the College of the Holy Cross; they put that out to bid a year ago and benefited tremendously.”
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    5. A Job Market That’s Heating Up

      A Job Market That’s Heating Up
      So the MassGREEN Initiative, as the program created to improvise such training programs is called, is essentially bringing the house to the trainees. Indeed, in a corner of Building 32 at Springfield Technical Community College, MassGREEN, created through $2.87 million in state and federal funding, has amassed a mock attic, mock basement, and mock walls, interior and exterior, in an effort to prepare students for what most expect will be a growing field
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    6. Facilitating Job Growth

      Facilitating Job Growth
      But Letendre is quick to give more of the credit for Titeflex’s continued presence in Springfield to MOBD and Vedovelli, who acted as a liaison, or facilitator of sorts, between the city and the company, when Titeflex’s parent corporation, the Smith’s Group, based in England, gave those at the Springfield-based operation a few months to come up with a plan that would ultimately make more economic sense than taking the outfit to South Carolina.
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    7. Profiles in Business

      Profiles in Business
      “R.J. Greeley Co. is surviving what is the worst market I’ve ever encountered,” he said. “For whatever combination of reasons, we ended 2010 with a flourish, and share the uncertainites that pervade our area and our economy, and we’re unsure what the future holds. But we’re getting more than our share of opportunities in an area where there are not enough opportunities.”
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