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    1. ACCGS Program Explores High-speed Rail from Springfield to Boston

      ACCGS Program Explores High-speed Rail from Springfield to Boston

      State Sen. Eric Lesser and Tim Brennan, executive director of the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC), will discuss Lesser’s recently filed feasibility bill requiring the Mass. Department of Transportation to conduct a study on the viability of high-speed rail access between Springfield and Boston. They will also address the need for this service and how it can positively impact Western Mass. economies.

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    2. FloDesign Sonics Adds Michael Harsh to Board of Directors

      FloDesign Sonics Adds Michael Harsh to Board of Directors

      FloDesign Sonics is currently commercializing its first products — a system to separate and clarify cell culture used in the manufacturing of protein-therapeutic drugs. FloDesign Sonics closed a $10 million Series A round in March 2014. It has also been awarded multiple grants from both the National Science Foundation and National Institute of Health totaling more than $2 million. It has used the proceeds to perform more than 100 trials with leading biopharmaceutical companies while building six prototypes.

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    3. Community Spotlight: Amherst

      Community Spotlight: Amherst

      Town Manager John Musante says a plan to position downtown Amherst as a center for innovation is gaining momentum.  “One of the keys is to make it an attractive place where people can live, play, and start and grow a business,” he told BusinessWest, adding that the town is doing all it can to redevelop its downtown and strengthen its relationships with UMass Amherst, Amherst College, and Hampshire College.

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    4. Getting the Jobs Done

      Getting the Jobs Done

      “The economic imperative for aligning the workforce needs of Massachusetts with the needs of students attending community colleges is powerful and growing. Massachusetts is at a crossroads in its capacity to compete — and the ability of its residents to fully participate in the current economy and the rewards that employment brings. For the Commonwealth to flourish going forward, a high priority must be placed on training the workforce that is needed by the industries that are driving the Massachusetts economy. That responsibility falls squarely on the Commonwealth’s public higher-education system, most predominately the 15 community colleges.”

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    5. Economic Leaders, Employers, Students Converge for Career Jam

      Economic Leaders, Employers, Students Converge for Career Jam

      The region’s premier economic luminaries, employers, and Mount Holyoke students will converge at Mount Holyoke College today, not for a career fair, but for a meeting of the minds.  Among the planned attendees at Career Jam are Suzanne Beck, executive director of the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce; Dianne Doherty, regional director of the Massachusetts Small Business Center; Dawn Creighton, Western Massachusetts director of Associated Industries of Massachusetts; and Lora Wondolowski, executive director of Leadership Pioneer Valley. Employers including Bay Path University, Arise for Social Justice, Peoples Bank, and Paragus Strategic IT will also be represented.

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    6. The Spa Opens for Business in Westfield

      The Spa Opens for Business in Westfield

      New England Dermatology & Laser Center announced the opening of the Spa, a med spa located at 57 Union St. The new med spa at New England Dermatology & Laser Center boasts a peaceful, rejuvenating atmosphere and a complete menu of services designed to relax and revitalize.  “The Spa provides restorative and nourishing treatments, including your favorite spa services and products, in addition to a complete line of medically supervised esthetic procedures,” said Dr. Stanley Glazer, a board-certified physician with over 40 years experience in dermatology.

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    7. HCC, STCC Offer Manufacturing Production Technician Training Program

      Holyoke Community College, in collaboration with Springfield Technical Community College, is offering a free manufacturing production technician training program beginning Monday, March 16.  The 10-week, accelerated manufacturing training program is being offered through Training and Workforce Options (TWO), a joint effort between HCC and STCC, with support from Massachusetts Community Colleges and the Workforce Development Transformation Agenda, which is funded through a $20 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration.

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    8. Gaming Face

      Gaming Face

      Ask Seth Stratton for his job description, and he’s likely to respond, “which day?”  “I don’t know the answer, and that’s the exciting part of this job,” said Stratton, who was recently named vice president and general counsel for MGM Springfield, making him only the company’s second full-time hire, after President Michael Mathis.  “This is a unique development,” Stratton said of the $800 million resort casino expected to open in 2017. “Western Massachusetts has never seen this type of development, and the statute [legalizing casinos] poses legal questions that haven’t been addressed yet in Massachusetts ...

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    9. Community Spotlight: Greenfield

      Community Spotlight: Greenfield

      Greenfield has a contract with Peregrine Energy Group to develop the innovative initiative, which will not only bring lower-cost electricity to the community, but includes measures to procure it from renewable sources.  “Our price is fixed and is about .0125 per kilowatt hour,” Martin said, adding that the variable rate from Western Mass. Electric was about .014 per kilowatt hour at the time of the interview. “Although it may not seem like much of a difference, it adds up when you factor in millions of kilowatt hours,” he explained.

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    10. Difference Makers: The Class of 2015 | BusinessWest

      Difference Makers: The Class of 2015 | BusinessWest

      While each of the first six classes of Difference Makers was diverse, and effectively showed just how many groups and individuals are worthy of that phrase, the group being honored this year probably sets a new standard.  It includes the region’s only Fortune 100 company, three nonprofit agencies — one committed to fostering and nurturing entrepreneurship, another focused on improving quality of life in Greater Springfield through a host of family-centered events, and the third created to raise funds for childhood cancer facilities in the name of a spirited 11-year-old who succumbed to the disease — and an assembled team of ...

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    11. Stronger Businesses Program Slated for March 20 | BusinessWest

      Stronger Businesses Program Slated for March 20 | BusinessWest

      The Stronger Businesses Program will begin on March 20 at the Business Growth Center at Springfield Technology Park. Designed for business owners who are focused on growth and want to take a fresh look at their markets, revenues, and operations, this workshop meets for five mornings over a seven-week period and includes two private technical-assistance sessions, one price for up to three people per company, and peer-mentoring sessions over breakfast.  “It is specifically designed not to be Business 101,” said Karen Utgoff, co-founder and facilitator of the program. “The series emphasizes active learning and immediate application of specific tools and ...

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    12. Baystate Begins Registration for Mini-Medical School | BusinessWest

      Baystate Begins Registration for Mini-Medical School | BusinessWest

      Baystate Medical Center’s Mini-Medical School, which begins its spring session on March 19, will give area residents a reason to come out of hibernation from the long, cold, snowy winter and join others interested in the expanding field of medicine.  Mini-Medical School program is an eight-week health education series featuring a different aspect of medicine each week. Classes this spring will include sessions on various medical topics, such as surgery, emergency medicine, anesthesiology, pathology, and several others. Many of the ‘students,’ who often range in age from 20 to 70, participate due to a general interest in medicine and ...

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    13. Gov. Charlie Baker to Headline Outlook 2015

      Gov. Charlie Baker to Headline Outlook 2015

      Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker will give his first major address to the Greater Springfield business community at the Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield’s (ACCGS) Outlook 2015 on Friday, Feb. 27, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the MassMutual Center, 1277 Main St., Springfield. Outlook is the area’s largest legislative event, attracting more than 700 guests and presenting expert speakers on local, state, and federal issues. Area elected officials will also be in attendance to participate in this discussion of front-burner issues. The event is presented by Health New England and sponsored ...

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    14. AIC to Host Interactive Program on Leadership Skills

      AIC to Host Interactive Program on Leadership Skills

      Leadership is a position, a perspective, and a process. In today’s fast-paced, global environment, leaders need to be equipped with proven tools and techniques for leading their organizations’ teams. Successful leaders are masterful in crafting a vision, building alignment, and championing execution. Research shows there are proven best practices that leaders can develop.

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    15. Foreign Policy

      Foreign Policy

      Michelle Kowalsky’s business card declares that, among other things, she is the director of International Admissions at Western New England University.  She’s the first person in the 95-year history of the school to take the title, and that fact speaks to a rather large movement within higher education — and education in general.  Indeed, while schools in this region and across the country have always admitted international students, they have not pursued them in anything approaching the aggressive manner that they are now — for several reasons.

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    16. Success Stories

      Success Stories

      Nestled on the banks of Lower Mill Pond, the 500,000-square-foot Eastworks building, a converted mill, was once known as West Boylston Textile Company and later served as the headquarters building for Stanhome. But times have changed and so, too, have buildings throughout New England that once brought thousands of jobs during the height of mill and factory operation. In a wave of repurposing projects that marked the early 2000s, many of these buildings have found new life as mixed-use facilities.  And in Western Mass., Eastworks has led the way.

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    17. American River Nutrition Begins Construction in Hadley

      American River Nutrition Begins Construction in Hadley

      Westmass Area Development Corp. announced that American River Nutrition, founded by former UMass Amherst Professor of Food Science and Nutrition Barrie Tan, has begun construction of a 25,000-square-foot office and manufacturing building at the Hadley University Business Park. With the coordinated permitting efforts of the Hadley Planning Board and Conservation Commission, construction is able to commence.

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    18. Community Spotlight: Holyoke | BusinessWest

      Community Spotlight: Holyoke | BusinessWest

      The most significant undertaking is the new, $3.5 million passenger-rail platform being built on Dwight and Main streets. “We broke ground on Dec. 22, and when it is finished in September, it will be the first completed rail platform in Western Mass.,” the mayor said.  The project is a reflection of foresight, because when Morse took office, there were no plans for a commuter-rail stop in Holyoke. “But it was a huge economic-development opportunity, and although there were times when funding was short, we were able to get $4 million in state and federal funds for it through MassWorks ...

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    19. Top Entrepreneur 2014: Delcie Bean | BusinessWest

      Top Entrepreneur 2014: Delcie Bean | BusinessWest

      That was the case with people named Elvis, Ringo, and Tiger (OK, his real name is Eldrick). And, to a lesser extent, it’s working for the 29-year-old that BusinessWest has chosen to be its Top Entrepreneur for 2014 — Delcie Bean. Or just ‘Delcie,’ because that’s all that’s generally required when he becomes the subject of conversation. That’s true in part because, well, let’s face it, there are not many Delcies out there. But it’s also because Bean, in just a few years, has become a dominant force in the business community — and also with ...

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    20. Holyoke Medical Center Awarded Top Hospital Distinction

      Holyoke Medical Center Awarded Top Hospital Distinction

      Holyoke Medical Center was one of 94 Top Hospitals recognized nationally, including academic medical centers, teaching hospitals, and community hospitals, and children’s hospitals in rural, suburban, and urban settings. The selection is based on the results of the Leapfrog Group’s annual hospital survey, which measures hospitals’ performance on patient safety and quality, focusing on three critical areas of hospital care: how patients fare, resource use, and management structures established to prevent errors. Performance across many areas of hospital care is considered in establishing the qualifications for the award, including rates for high-risk procedures and a hospital’s ability ...

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    21. Playing for Keeps

      Playing for Keeps

      The video-game-development company that he and Paul Hake started in 2008 has grown exponentially from its humble beginnings and now employs about 35 people. Based first in Greenfield, then Hatfield, and most recently in Amherst, the firm relocated to downtown Springfield last week, thanks to a commitment of $1.25 million by area investors to keep HitPoint local at a time when Boston and California were calling.

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    22. ACCGS to Host Speed Networking Event Jan. 14

      ACCGS to Host Speed Networking Event Jan. 14

      Back by popular demand, the Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield (ACCGS) will hold an afternoon of speed networking on Wednesday, Jan. 14 at the Sheraton Springfield, followed by an evening of informal networking at its After 5.  The combination of events will provide attendees the opportunity to meet new contacts in a formal manner, then continue conversations in an informal and casual setting. The core concept to speed networking is the ‘elevator speech,’ a short summary of an individual, business, organization, product, or service that a person could deliver in the time span of a short elevator ride.

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    23. Thirst for Progress

      Thirst for Progress

      David Reckhow says water treatment is ripe for innovation.  “We’re working with technologies that are about a century old. We haven’t really advanced all that much over the past 100 years,” said the professor in UMass Amherst’s College of Engineering. “Think about biotechnology or information technology, and all the advances that have been made over the past century. Now imagine what our lives would be like if we had 100-year-old information technology.”  But that’s what water-treatment workers must deal with. Admittedly, one reason is that the processes in use have worked remarkably well at keeping people ...

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