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    1. Exhibiting Strength | BusinessWest

      Exhibiting Strength | BusinessWest

      The MassMutual Center in downtown Springfield came alive on Oct. 11, as the Western Mass. Business Expo 2012 put the region’s business community on center stage. More than 2,000 visitors turned out during an event-filled day that featured 140 exhibitors, dozens of educational seminars and Show Floor Theater presentations, co-located events, thought-provoking breakfast and lunch programs, and a day-capping Expo Social, a premier networking event.

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    2. Straight Shooter | BusinessWest

      Straight Shooter | BusinessWest

      James Debney remembers feeling the need to do some practice shooting before he was interviewed for the position of president of Smith & Wesson’s Firearms Division just over three years ago. “I just thought it was something I ought to do; I’m not really sure why,” he recalled, admitting freely that he didn’t really know much of anything about firearms then, and thought some target practice might somehow be of help. “I borrowed a friend’s gun, went out in the woods, and did some shooting.”

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    3. A Changed Landscape | BusinessWest

      A Changed Landscape | BusinessWest

      “One of the big questions today for organizations like the United Way is, how do we keep the infrastructure in place to really support and promote our mission and our work?” she explained. “You need to have an administrative infrastructure in order to do the kind of work that needs to be done in communities — so who pays for that?”

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    4. Making a Mark | BusinessWest

      Making a Mark | BusinessWest

      Most recently, DOC has been named construction manager at risk (CMR) for the redevelopment of Union Station in Springfield into a regional intermodal transportation center. “We’ll build parking and renovate the existing station. The tracks are elevated throughout, so there will be some platform work associated with the project,” Bardell said. “We have a contract, and we have a team of guys ready to get started with some selective demolition by mid- to late October or early November.”

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    5. Team Work | BusinessWest

      Team Work | BusinessWest

      While job sharing is hardly a new concept — it’s at least a few decades old by most accounts — it has rarely succeeded, or even been tried, at a high-level administrative post, such as vice president of Philanthropic Services at the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts, which is now being shared by Kristin Leutz and Katie Allan Zobel. For one of them (Leutz), this is a chance to live out research she did while attaining a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Springfield College. For both, it’s a way to achieve coveted work/life balance while also ...

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    6. Dream Weaver

      Dream Weaver

      More than a decade ago, after the downsizing of his family’s business, Serv-U, Steve Rosenkrantz was trying to decide what to do next. He knew he wanted to run his own business, but didn’t know exactly which path to take. He enlisted the help of a company called Entrepreneur’s Source, which links clients with franchises — and the franchise they linked him with was Entrepreneur’s Source. Since then, he’s helped dozens of couples and individuals take charge of their lives and turn dreams into reality.

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    7. Dispensing Knowledge | BusinessWest

      Dispensing Knowledge | BusinessWest

      Robinson said pharmacy will become a more attractive field for young people looking at medical careers, lending credibility to WNEU’s decision several years ago to launch the College of Pharmacy. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for pharmacists will increase by 25% between 2010 and 2012; that’s much greater than the average career field.

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    8. The Keys to Success | BusinessWest

      The Keys to Success | BusinessWest

      This is a classic story of vision and entrepreneurial spirit scripted by a high-school dropout who started working in the HVAC industry and soon, with his wife as a full partner, began exploring ways for the two to work for themselves. They eventually became franchisees with a New Jersey-based outfit called Valet Park International in 1990. When that venture dissolved a few years later, the couple started their own enterprise in 1992 and called it Valley Park of America, a name they plan to fully grow into someday by making it national in scope.

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    9. By All Accounts

      By All Accounts

      Indeed, Wolf was named one of the five fastest-growing CPA firms in the $20 million to $30 million category nationally by Inside Public Accounting magazine, he told BusinessWest, adding that it has achieved such status through a number of strategic initiatives.
      These include attaining greater market share in many geographic areas, including Western Mass

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    10. Cool Running

      Cool Running

      From the start, the Holyoke center was designed to be energy-efficient, Goodhue told BusinessWest. “One of the things that drew us to Holyoke is that the power came principally from renewable energy. Holyoke Gas & Electric generates 70% of its power from renewable sources — primarily the dam, but it also has the largest solar array in the state, and also has ideas about adding other resources to their portfolio.”

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    11. Spill Bound

      Spill Bound

      In other words, it’s a different era in environmental services, one that poses plenty of complexity and challenge, but also two decades of opportunity for a firm that began in the second floor of Mike Talbot’s house in 1993.
      Opportunity, after all, is the very foundation of the business. Before Okun, Talbot, and Kevin O’Reilly launched their venture, they were working together at an environmental-services firm in Connecticut.

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    12. Policy Statement

      Policy Statement

      Elaborating, he said MassMutual has done so essentially by focusing on what he called the “basics.”
      And by this he means the three main pillars of the company’s operations — providing customers with financial security, paying the best dividends, and providing exceptional customer service.
      For example, the company has “doubled down” on its roster of agents, going from 3,700 a few years ago to more than 5,000 today, he said, while also investing in new products, including a number of creative life insurance options, designed to meet the various needs of customers.

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    13. An Unparalleled Vision

      An Unparalleled Vision

       “We conduct sessions for businesses to help them manage their workforce. We’re giving a series of workshops right now to teach mid- to upper-level managers leadership skills — how to resolve problems, make their workers more productive, and avoid turnover,” Gadaire explained, adding that his organization is also set to launch a videoconference-training program to teach businesses how to conduct remote, face-to-face interviews, which he says will save them time and money.

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