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    1. Profiles in Business - This Hockey Veteran is Certainly Goal-oriented

      Profiles in Business - This Hockey Veteran is Certainly Goal-oriented
      Indeed, while he would like to say that there will always be hockey in Springfield, he knows he can’t really use that phrase with any degree of confidence. “I always like to remain optimistic that we can put something together and remain here long-term, but there are simply no guarantees anymore,” he said, noting that the hockey landscape has changed considerably over the past three decades and especially the past several years, and the challenges to existence, especially in what is now considered a small market, are mounting.
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    2. Prototype for Progress

      Prototype for Progress
      This is the main motivation behind the Pioneer Valley Precision Manufacturing Collaborative, or what Langevin described as an ambitious pilot program that involves four small area manufacturing outfits: Boulevard Machine & Gear and Thorn Industries, both in Springfield; Mechanical Drive Components Inc. (MDC) in Chicopee; and Creative Machining & Molding Corp. (CMMC) in Westfield.
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    3. Profiles in Business

      Profiles in Business
      His destination this time was New Hampshire and several of the Yankee Candle stores there. Kent, who became CEO of the company last fall, does this often. He talks to the people who run the stores, and he talks to customers. The goal is the same: to find out if the store in question is providing the kind of products, services, and experience that the corporation demands of each outlet.
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    4. Doing Business in: Easthampton

      Doing Business in: Easthampton
      Eric Snyder, director of the Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce, said there is still some manufacturing in the city of just around 16,000. “Physically, we are not a big community, so any new industry wouldn’t have access to a large footprint,” he explained. “So that asks the question of how do we get the smaller-scaled businesses in.”
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    5. 'Corridor' Requires Patience – and Urgency

      When the economy improves and states have more flexibility in their budgets, Massachusetts and Connecticut have to get serious about properly funding the corridor, because the numbers do, indeed, jump off the page when you show them to people. By themselves, the Hartford and Springfield metropolitan areas do not exactly stand out with site selectors, largely because neither one cracks the magic 1 million mark when it comes to population or workforce.
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