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    1. American River Nutrition Begins Construction in Hadley

      Explore BusinessWest (Jan 22 2015)

      American River Nutrition Begins Construction in Hadley

      Westmass Area Development Corp. announced that American River Nutrition, founded by former UMass Amherst Professor of Food Science and Nutrition Barrie Tan, has begun construction of a 25,000-square-foot office and manufacturing building at the Hadley University Business Park. With the coordinated permitting efforts of the Hadley Planning Board and Conservation Commission, construction is able to commence.

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    2. Community Spotlight: Holyoke | BusinessWest

      Explore BusinessWest (Jan 15 2015)

      Community Spotlight: Holyoke | BusinessWest

      The most significant undertaking is the new, $3.5 million passenger-rail platform being built on Dwight and Main streets. “We broke ground on Dec. 22, and when it is finished in September, it will be the first completed rail platform in Western Mass.,” the mayor said.  The project is a reflection of foresight, because when Morse took office, there were no plans for a commuter-rail stop in Holyoke. “But it was a huge economic-development opportunity, and although there were times when funding was short, we were able to get $4 million in state and federal funds for it through MassWorks ...

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    3. Top Entrepreneur 2014: Delcie Bean | BusinessWest

      Explore BusinessWest (Jan 13 2015)

      Top Entrepreneur 2014: Delcie Bean | BusinessWest

      That was the case with people named Elvis, Ringo, and Tiger (OK, his real name is Eldrick). And, to a lesser extent, it’s working for the 29-year-old that BusinessWest has chosen to be its Top Entrepreneur for 2014 — Delcie Bean. Or just ‘Delcie,’ because that’s all that’s generally required when he becomes the subject of conversation. That’s true in part because, well, let’s face it, there are not many Delcies out there. But it’s also because Bean, in just a few years, has become a dominant force in the business community — and also with ...

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    4. Atlantic Fasteners Moves to Larger Facility in Agawam | BusinessWest

      Explore BusinessWest (Jan 12 2015)

      Atlantic Fasteners Moves to Larger Facility in Agawam | BusinessWest

      Atlantic Fasteners has moved to a 44,500-square-foot facility in Agawam, bringing all employees under one roof. The 100%-employee-owned company, which sells industrial and aerospace fasteners and supplies nationwide, previously operated out of three locations in neighboring West Springfield.

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    5. Holyoke Medical Center Awarded Top Hospital Distinction

      Explore BusinessWest (Jan 6 2015)

      Holyoke Medical Center Awarded Top Hospital Distinction

      Holyoke Medical Center was one of 94 Top Hospitals recognized nationally, including academic medical centers, teaching hospitals, and community hospitals, and children’s hospitals in rural, suburban, and urban settings. The selection is based on the results of the Leapfrog Group’s annual hospital survey, which measures hospitals’ performance on patient safety and quality, focusing on three critical areas of hospital care: how patients fare, resource use, and management structures established to prevent errors. Performance across many areas of hospital care is considered in establishing the qualifications for the award, including rates for high-risk procedures and a hospital’s ability ...

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    6. Playing for Keeps

      Explore BusinessWest (Dec 31 2014)

      Playing for Keeps

      The video-game-development company that he and Paul Hake started in 2008 has grown exponentially from its humble beginnings and now employs about 35 people. Based first in Greenfield, then Hatfield, and most recently in Amherst, the firm relocated to downtown Springfield last week, thanks to a commitment of $1.25 million by area investors to keep HitPoint local at a time when Boston and California were calling.

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    7. ACCGS to Host Speed Networking Event Jan. 14

      Explore BusinessWest (Dec 29 2014)

      ACCGS to Host Speed Networking Event Jan. 14

      Back by popular demand, the Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield (ACCGS) will hold an afternoon of speed networking on Wednesday, Jan. 14 at the Sheraton Springfield, followed by an evening of informal networking at its After 5.  The combination of events will provide attendees the opportunity to meet new contacts in a formal manner, then continue conversations in an informal and casual setting. The core concept to speed networking is the ‘elevator speech,’ a short summary of an individual, business, organization, product, or service that a person could deliver in the time span of a short elevator ride.

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    8. Thirst for Progress

      Explore BusinessWest (Dec 22 2014)

      Thirst for Progress

      David Reckhow says water treatment is ripe for innovation.  “We’re working with technologies that are about a century old. We haven’t really advanced all that much over the past 100 years,” said the professor in UMass Amherst’s College of Engineering. “Think about biotechnology or information technology, and all the advances that have been made over the past century. Now imagine what our lives would be like if we had 100-year-old information technology.”  But that’s what water-treatment workers must deal with. Admittedly, one reason is that the processes in use have worked remarkably well at keeping people ...

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    9. Economic Outlook 2015 — Positively Charged | BusinessWest

      Explore BusinessWest (Dec 22 2014)

      Economic Outlook 2015 — Positively Charged | BusinessWest

      Since the end of the Great Recession in 2009, economic expansion in Western Mass. — and many other parts of the country as well — has been, in a word, limited.
      And these limits have resulted from a host of factors that have stood in the way of more profound recovery. They include everything from lackluster hiring trends to high energy prices and their impact on businesses and consumers alike; from economic turmoil abroad, especially in Europe, to political chaos in Washington, as with the so-called fiscal cliff of early 2013; from a floundering housing market to a persistent lack of confidence ...

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    10. Park with Ease Program Continues in Downtown Springfield

      Explore BusinessWest (Dec 18 2014)

      Park with Ease Program Continues in Downtown Springfield

      As the temperatures continue to drop, the Springfield Business Improvement District (SBID) plans to continue its Park with Ease valet program through the winter.  “We are thrilled the community has responded so positively to our valet program,” said Chris Russell, executive director of SBID. “After many conversations with stakeholders downtown, including building owners, business owners, and community members, we kept hearing the same comment about parking issues, so we have addressed the concern.”

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    11. The Suspense Is Building

      Explore BusinessWest (Dec 16 2014)

      The Suspense Is Building

      Indeed, 2014 saw a fair amount of construction, and some of what took place was rebuilding from the 2011 tornado that ripped through Springfield and the surrounding area. Several schools in Springfield were either repaired or rebuilt, bringing construction volume to more than $100 million. While the construction trades had suffered double-digit unemployment for a few years, these public projects helped keep some of those workers employed.   Some long-time institutions spent considerable money in 2014 to upgrade their facilities, and in some cases add jobs. Mercy Medical Center completed a $20 million addition to its campus, and National Public Radio ...

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    12. Off to a Roaring Start

      Explore BusinessWest (Dec 16 2014)

      Off to a Roaring Start

      “I think it’s important for any entrepreneur to map and frame out their ideas, utilize the networks that are in the community, and not be afraid to take advice along the way,” said Berry, who served the MSDC as deputy director. “There are individuals out there who have a tremendous amount of proven experience in establishing companies and moving them forward. If you have a vision or dream, and once you get through that fear of risk and get over that hurdle, you utilize the resources available and push your dream forward.”  Today, Berry is definitely practicing what he ...

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    13. Progress — by Design

      Explore BusinessWest (Dec 12 2014)

      Progress — by Design

      Inside the labs at Western New England University’s Biomedical Engineering (BME) department, students aren’t simply studying the technologies behind medicine. They’re constantly searching for ways to improve them.  It’s a philosophy, acting Department Chair Dr. Robert Gettens and BME students agree, that prepares them well to be leaders in a variety of careers. Many recent WNEU graduates have become specialized medical attorneys. Others have gravitated toward research. One particularly accomplished alumnus, Ryan Turner, is on his way to becoming a brain surgeon. But, regardless of what path graduates choose, they all share an ability to comprehensively ...

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    14. A Major Production

      Explore BusinessWest (Dec 12 2014)

      A Major Production

      Diane Pearlman says Massachusetts looks like a lot of places — in this country and around the globe.  “Maybe it doesn’t look like the Sahara Desert, but it can look like most of the rest of the world,” she told BusinessWest, adding that this is one of many reasons why the Bay State is becoming increasingly popular with filmmakers at all levels.  Massachusetts, or at least the Franklin County community of Shelburne, looks enough like rural Indiana — the setting for the story behind The Judge — to become the chosen location for the shooting of most scenes in that recently released ...

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    15. ACCGS Business@Breakfast to Tout Region’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

      Explore BusinessWest (Dec 5 2014)

      ACCGS Business@Breakfast to Tout Region’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

      The entrepreneurial spirit of the region will take center stage at the Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield’s Business@Breakfast on Jan. 7, from 7:15 a.m. to 9 a.m. at Ludlow Country Club, One Tony Lema Dr., Ludlow. Paul Silva, executive director of Valley Venture Mentors (VVM), will discuss “Putting the PIONEER Back in Pioneer Valley.” He will be joined by Natasha Clark, founder of LionessMagazine.com, a Western Mass.-based, all-digital magazine for the female entrepreneur.

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    16. Bay Path Announces Commitment to Expand College Access

      Explore BusinessWest (Dec 5 2014)

      Bay Path Announces Commitment to Expand College Access

      On Thursday, Bay Path University President Carol Leary joined President Obama, the first lady, and Vice President Biden, along with hundreds of college presidents and other higher-education leaders, to announce new actions to help more students prepare for and graduate from college. The White House College Opportunity Day of Action helped support Obama’s commitment to partner with colleges and universities, business leaders, and nonprofits to support students across the country. “I am honored to participate in this important initiative and to represent the 76.6 million adult women in this country who do not have a baccalaureate degree,” said ...

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    17. DevelopSpringfield to Create Downtown Innovation Center

      Explore BusinessWest (Nov 7 2014)

      DevelopSpringfield to Create Downtown Innovation Center

      Gov. Deval Patrick’s recent announcement of $2 million in MassWorks Infrastructure Program funding to MassDevelopment marks a critical step toward the creation of the Springfield Innovation Center. The project is a collaboration between DevelopSpringfield, the state Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development, MassDevelopment, the city of Springfield, Valley Venture Mentors, the Springfield Innovation Hub, and MassMutual. “The Patrick administration has been committed to providing support to communities like Springfield so that they can grow and prosper,” said Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Greg Bialecki. “Revitalizing a community through infrastructure improvements will make it easier for businesses to ...

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    18. Building a Pipeline of Innovation | BusinessWest

      Explore BusinessWest (Nov 5 2014)

      Building a Pipeline of Innovation | BusinessWest

      Reinhart, a veteran biopharmaceutical executive and researcher, was recently named founding director of the institute, which was created in 2013 with $150 million in capital funding from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC) and additional contributions from the university. Its mission is to accelerate life-science research and advance collaboration with industry to effectively shorten the gap between scientific innovation and technological advancement.

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    19. For the Long Haul | BusinessWest

      Explore BusinessWest (Nov 5 2014)

      For the Long Haul | BusinessWest

      CNR MA expects to break ground on its new, $60 million plant sometime in 2015, just as planned worker-training programs begin to gear up. The initial project to build 152 Orange Line cars and 132 Red Line cars — replacing vehicles that have been in use for between 35 and 45 years — is set to continue until a planned delivery date of 2021, but by then, the company is hopeful that an expanded workforce will be busy with other projects well into the future.  “This is huge,” Cruise said, “not only for the whole issue of job creation, but also for ...

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    20. United Way, Stay in School to Host Community Summit on Nov. 6

      Explore BusinessWest (Oct 27 2014)

      United Way, Stay in School to Host Community Summit on Nov. 6

      United Way of Pioneer Valley and Stay in School, a community initiative launched by United Way designed to increase student attendance in Springfield schools, will host the Springfield GradNation Community Summit 2014, a conference for youth, parents, and members of the community, on Thursday, Nov. 6 from 3 to 7:30 p.m. in the Judd Gymnasia at Springfield College, 263 Alden St., Springfield.  The summit’s focus is “middle school success = pathway to graduation.” Educators say better school attendance and engagement in middle school leads to higher high-school graduation rates. Summit leaders will share what they have learned from ...

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    21. Capturing the ‘Paragus Vibe’

      Explore BusinessWest (Oct 21 2014)

      Capturing the ‘Paragus Vibe’

      Sherwin Williams calls it “outrageous green.”  That’s the exceedingly bright, neon-like shade that has come to define the company now known as Paragus Strategic IT since it changed its name from Valley ComputerWorks and embarked on an aggressive branding initiative several years ago.  And there’s a lot of it at this technology-solutions company’s new headquarters facility on Route 9 in Hadley, which was unveiled at an elaborate launch last week. There’s also a somewhat softer, muted version seen on some interior walls, carpeting, and other places, as well as a host of other exotic colors, including ...

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    22. ACCGS to Host Speed-networking Breakfast on Nov. 5

      Explore BusinessWest (Oct 17 2014)

      ACCGS to Host Speed-networking Breakfast on Nov. 5

      The breakfast will take a wide departure from the salutes-and-speakers format of the traditional breakfasts and will provide attendees with a quick and entertaining opportunity to introduce themselves and pitch their company to the other attendees. The core concept to speed networking is the ‘elevator speech,’ a short summary of an individual, business, organization, product, or service — a summary that a person could deliver in the time span of a short elevator ride.

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    23. It's All Relative

      Explore BusinessWest (Oct 10 2014)

      It's All Relative

      The center’s executive director, the colorful Ira Bryck, said the agency was founded through the inspiration of a number of professionals and business advisers, many of whom still serve as strategic partners, and was also part of a movement in the early and mid-’90s to establish university-based education programs for family businesses.  “It became clear to a lot of expert advisers that they needed a sort of safe-harbor environment to be able to talk with business owners about a lot of issues that they normally would not be able to talk with them about if they were just ...

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    24. Eye-Opening Experiences

      Explore BusinessWest (Oct 8 2014)

      Eye-Opening Experiences

      The field trip was part of a program called The World Is Our Classroom Inc. (WIOC), and Executive Director Nora Burke Patton says it was founded on the principle that students learn best when they see classroom lessons reinforced in the real world.
      “It runs from fifth grade through high school, and by partnering with urban school systems, institutions of higher education, and businesses, WIOC not only reinforces classroom lessons, but also opens young minds to employment opportunities,” she said, adding that the program was launched in 2002 through a collaboration of area businesses and school systems, and has exposed ...

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