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    1. Scaling Up | BusinessWest

      Explore BusinessWest (Sep 12 2014)

      Scaling Up | BusinessWest

      Elizabeth Barajas-Román says there are a number of reasons why she actively pursued the position of CEO for the Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts (WFWM).  For starters, there was the opportunity to work in an attractive, challenging position much closer to her home in Northampton — she had been “commuting” to the nation’s capital for her work with the Pew Charitable Trusts as a campaign manager. There was also the chance to continue what had become a career in what she calls “high-impact philanthropy” (much more on her working definition of that term later).

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    2. State Unveils One-stop Web Portal for Municipal Grants

      Explore BusinessWest (Sep 10 2014)

      State Unveils One-stop Web Portal for Municipal Grants

      Gov. Deval Patrick’s administration has unveiled a new web portal for cities and towns to easily identify grant opportunities that could benefit their communities. The Municipal Grant Finder (mass.gov/municipalgrants) is a one-stop web shop for local officials and residents to learn about grant opportunities across state government, regardless of which state agency manages a grant program. The web portal will highlight what resources exist and where to find them, as management of these grants and resources is decentralized among a multitude of state government agencies. The Municipal Grant Finder will help them navigate state government by succinctly ...

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    3. Community Spotlight: West Springfield

      Explore BusinessWest (Sep 9 2014)

      Community Spotlight: West Springfield

      Mayor Edward Sullivan says the city of West Springfield has changed its tactics toward economic development, and is moving forward “like a battleship,” which is a significant development.  “In the past, we moved like an aircraft carrier,” he said, meaning more deliberately. “But we are no longer sitting back on our heels. Instead, we have taken a proactive approach and are moving from a passive role to an active role. We’re doing a better job of marketing through our website and collaborations with regional agencies and commercial brokers. Nothing happens overnight, but we’ve laid the groundwork and put ...

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    4. Women’s Professional Chamber Names Carol Campbell Woman of Year

      Explore BusinessWest (Sep 9 2014)

      Women’s Professional Chamber Names Carol Campbell Woman of Year

      The Professional Women’s Chamber, a division of the Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield, recently honored Carol Campbell, president of Chicopee Industrial Contractors, as its 2014 Woman of the Year. The annual Woman of the Year Banquet was held at the Castle of Knights in Chicopee. The award is presented to a woman in the Greater Springfield area who exemplifies outstanding leadership, professional accomplishment, and service to the community.

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    5. Menck Windows Chairman to Keynote ACCGS Breakfast

      Explore BusinessWest (Sep 5 2014)

      Menck Windows Chairman to Keynote ACCGS Breakfast

      Menck Windows, a joint venture of Menck USA Inc. and Menck Fenster GmbH, of Hamburg, Germany, a 130-year-old, fourth-generation business that provides custom windows and doors in Europe, the Far East, and the U.S., recently opened the doors to its first U.S. manufacturing operation here in Western Mass.

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    6. Dadanco Opens New Facility in Westfield | BusinessWest

      Explore BusinessWest (Sep 4 2014)

      Dadanco Opens New Facility in Westfield | BusinessWest

      Dadanco, a manufacturer of commercial hydronic-based heating and cooling products, including active chilled beams, induction units, and induction diffusers, announced the grand opening of its Luxton-Reed Center, with an open house to be held on Sept. 12, from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.  The Luxton-Reed Center is aptly named after two industry pioneers for heating and cooling technologies: professor Russell Luxton of Australia, the co-founder of Dadanco, and John Reed of Westfield, the founder of several hydronic heating companies, including Sterling Residential & Commercial Hydronics, which are divisions of Mestek Inc., the largest manufacturer of finned-tube baseboard radiation ...

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    7. PeoplesBank Offers Support to Women Business Owners

      Explore BusinessWest (Sep 2 2014)

      PeoplesBank Offers Support to Women Business Owners

      In support of the growth and success of women business owners, PeoplesBank is partnering with WomenUpFront to host a monthly, ongoing roundtable for women who have ownership and leadership responsibility and want to grow toward $1 million in annual revenue.

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    8. Explosion of Potential

      Explore BusinessWest (Aug 29 2014)

      Explosion of Potential

      The good news, Hively noted, is that the innovation district has plenty going for it already, from the neighborhood’s pre-existing geographic assets to economic-development success stories such as the Baystate Innovation Center, a business accelerator that creates an anchor and partner for health technology startups; the entrepreneurial support system of entities like Valley Venture Mentors, Springfield Angels, and River Valley Investors; and Tech Foundry, which acts as a training ground for building career skills and filling job openings.

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    9. Advance Welding Relocates to Springfield

      Explore BusinessWest (Aug 27 2014)

      Advance Welding Relocates to Springfield

      After more than 36 years of doing business in West Springfield, Advance Welding will relocate to Brookdale Drive in Springfield on Sept. 2. “As our capabilities and customer base continue to grow, this move will improve our ability to process our customers’ work,” said Advance Welding President Christopher Kielb.

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    10. Filling the Gap | BusinessWest

      Explore BusinessWest (Aug 26 2014)

      Filling the Gap | BusinessWest

      Specifically, STCC’s associate-degree program in precision machining doubled in size last September from 40 to 80 students, thanks to a $2 million upgrade of the school’s Smith & Wesson Technology Applications Center. “We have all new CNC machines, computers, high-end computer workstations, and software. We also hired two new faculty members as well as technicians,” said STCC President Ira Rubenzahl, adding that there will be a total of about 250 students in non-credit and for-credit manufacturing-related programs this fall.

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    11. What's in a Name? | BusinessWest

      Explore BusinessWest (Aug 26 2014)

      What's in a Name? | BusinessWest

      Carol Leary was asked about her institution’s decision to call itself a university, rather than a college, and the reasons behind that move. But before going there, she took a few minutes — actually, more than a few — to chronicle and explain the many times over the past 117 years that the name over the school’s front door has changed.  It began as Bay Path Institute, when it was located in downtown Springfield and focused on training men and women for roles in business and accounting, she noted, adding that it became Bay Path Secretarial School in 1945 after ...

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    12. State, MassChallenge Launch Government Innovation Competition

      Explore BusinessWest (Aug 22 2014)

      MassIT, the Commonwealth’s lead state agency for technology across the executive branch, announced a first-of-its-kind MassIT Government Innovation Competition, with a $50,000 prize for the winning project. MassIT will partner with MassChallenge, a start-up accelerator that supports high-impact, early-stage entrepreneurs, on this initiative. The goal of the MassIT Government Innovation Competition is to provide high-quality startups with incentives to develop innovative solutions that can help the state government meet constituent needs more efficiently and at lower cost to taxpayers. For the first time, the Commonwealth will have access to entrepreneurs focused on improving the constituent-government relationship. The Commonwealth ...

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    13. Baystate Health Selects Premier Inc. to Support Innovation Center

      Explore BusinessWest (Aug 21 2014)

      Baystate Health Selects Premier Inc. to Support Innovation Center

      Baystate Health has been a member of Premier and its predecessor companies for 30 years, leveraging both its performance and supply-chain services. Last fall, the health system deployed PremierConnect Enterprise to quickly and more efficiently access, integrate, and interpret its clinical, financial, and operational data. Seeing the positive results, the Innovation Center signed a separate, multi-year agreement to use PremierConnect Enterprise to integrate payer, provider, and other healthcare data from participating innovators within a structured collaborative environment. By leveraging PremierConnect Enterprise’s platform and unique healthcare-data model, innovators will easily access and manipulate data for testing and scaling new HIT ...

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    14. ERC5, ACCGS Team Up for Millfest After 5

      Explore BusinessWest (Aug 15 2014)

      ERC5, ACCGS Team Up for Millfest After 5

      Ludlow Mills on State Street in Ludlow will be the site of Millfest, the first After 5 of the chamber season, on Sept. 10 from 5 p.m. to dusk. The event will be presented by the East of the River Five Town Chamber of Commerce (ERC5), an affiliate of the Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield (ACCGS), in partnership with the ACCGS. The rain date is Sept. 11.

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    15. A New Reality?

      Explore BusinessWest (Aug 13 2014)

      A New Reality?

      Andre Mayer says business owners who are still waiting for what would be considered a real economic recovery should probably stop waiting.  That’s because, in his view, this is about as real as it’s going to get.  “At this point, we’re really past the recovery phase; the recession ended five years ago,” said Mayer, senior vice president for communications and research at Associated Industries of Massachusetts. “We never had the recovery we were hoping for and expecting — that big burst of growth where GDP goes up quickly and rejoins the prior trend line. It never happened.”  And ...

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    16. Communty Spotlight: Westfield

      Explore BusinessWest (Aug 13 2014)

      Communty Spotlight: Westfield

      This summer, Westfield was ranked as a “City on the Rise” and one of the “Best Cities to Live in Massachusetts” on different websites. Officials are pleased by the accolades, and believe they reflect a number of dramatic changes that are attracting people to its shops, restaurants, and year-round events.  “It’s an exciting time for us due to new developments at the airport and the continued growth and revitalization of our downtown,” said Peter Miller, the city’s director of Community Development, who noted everything from a number of new restaurants in the central business district to a growth ...

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    17. Center of Attention

      Explore BusinessWest (Aug 13 2014)

      Center of Attention

      William Dávila wasn’t looking to leave Springfield’s Gandara Center. In fact, he was quite happy in his role as director of Outpatient Services for the facility, which provides mental-health, substance-abuse, and preventive services for children, adults, and families across Western Mass.  But when he was informed that UMass Amherst was looking for someone to manage the center it was building within Tower Square in downtown Springfield, he saw an opportunity he couldn’t resist.

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    18. Facebook Executive to Keynote Bay Path Cybersecurity Summit

      Explore BusinessWest (Aug 8 2014)

      Facebook Executive to Keynote Bay Path Cybersecurity Summit

      Jennifer Lesser Henley, director of Security Operations for the social-media giant Facebook, will be the keynote speaker at Bay Path University’s second annual Cybersecurity Summit, “Security: Changing the Game,” on Sept. 5 in the Blake Student Commons. Breakfast begins at 7:30 a.m., with the lecture immediately following at 8 a.m. The conference will address security in the world of social media and how everyone plays a role in keeping people safe and making the Internet a more secure place — and, particularly, how Facebook, the acknowledged game changer in social media, is approaching the new world of ...

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    19. Jeffrey LaValley Joins Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity | BusinessWest

      Explore BusinessWest (Aug 7 2014)

      Jeffrey LaValley Joins Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity | BusinessWest

      LaValley’s primary responsibility is the development and execution of strategies to increase awareness and financial support of the affiliate’s mission. LaValley will play a pivotal role in implanting the organization’s capacity-building efforts, specifically the 30 in 3 campaign, the affiliate’s vision to serve 30 families in three years. He also will oversee Habitat’s annual resource-development plan, including outreach efforts to foster a positive identity for the affiliate in the community.

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    20. Fallon Health Appoints
 Jack Dill to Board of Directors

      Explore BusinessWest (Aug 7 2014)

      Fallon Health Appoints
 Jack Dill to Board of Directors

      Fallon Health, a nationally recognized healthcare-services organization, announced the appointment of B. John “Jack” Dill to its board of directors. Dill is president and CEO of Colebrook Realty Services Inc., a privately owned, full-service commercial real-estate firm headquartered in Springfield. Dill oversees commercial real-estate development, management, finance, brokerage, and consulting. Prior to this role, Dill was executive vice president of SIS Bancorp and SIS Bank (now TD Bank).

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    21. Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Seeks to Fund Projects | BusinessWest

      Explore BusinessWest (Aug 4 2014)

      Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Seeks to Fund Projects | BusinessWest

      The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center announced the launch of the fourth round of an open solicitation for life-sciences-related capital projects. The solicitation covers capital projects for academic/research institutions (including two- and four-year colleges), business incubators, and other not-for-profit organizations in the Commonwealth.  The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center will invest in high-potential economic-development projects across the state that promise to create jobs and make a significant contribution to the state’s life-sciences ecosystem. The MLSC has allocated up to $35 million in capital dollars for this solicitation.

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    22. Community Spotlight: Hadley | BusinessWest

      Explore BusinessWest (Aug 4 2014)

      Community Spotlight: Hadley | BusinessWest

      The town of Hadley has always strived to achieve a balance between open land, agricultural enterprise, and retail business. But over the past year, special efforts have been made to enhance commercial opportunity along the 13-mile stretch of Route 9 that runs through the town. The effort includes proactive measures, partnerships, and infrastructure improvements.  “We admire and respect people who are trying to establish and maintain a business. It’s a very difficult thing to do and takes a lot of sacrifice,” said Town Administrator David Nixon. He added that building lots are available on Route 9 and the town ...

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    23. Vision Quest | BusinessWest

      Explore BusinessWest (Jul 30 2014)

      Vision Quest | BusinessWest

      This would be a comprehensive conversion of the former Country Squire Furniture Shop on Main Street in Agawam into a home for a host of small, and complementary, businesses — a project that is far from complete, but has advanced to the point where Gourde feels comfortable spending much more time at Cooper’s, which is located directly behind the landmark named after Ensign Thomas Cooper, the Civil War naval hero who once lived there.  Only a few small spaces in the 14,000-square-foot building on Main Street in Agawam are not occupied, and plans are emerging for those rooms as ...

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    24. Promising Venture | BusinessWest

      Explore BusinessWest (Jul 29 2014)

      Promising Venture | BusinessWest

      In addition, MassMutual will invest more than $1.5 million over the next three years in a startup accelerator managed by Valley Venture Mentors (VVM), an entrepreneur-mentoring network based in Springfield. The first class of the accelerator will feature 30 startups to be selected through a competitive application process later this summer. DevelopSpringfield, a nonprofit dedicated to revitalizing the city, has been tasked with building out the physical location for the accelerator in the Tower Square building downtown.  “We’re building off a mentorship program that we’ve been running now for three and a half years,” said Scott Foster ...

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