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    1. Vision Quest | BusinessWest

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      Vision Quest | BusinessWest

      This would be a comprehensive conversion of the former Country Squire Furniture Shop on Main Street in Agawam into a home for a host of small, and complementary, businesses — a project that is far from complete, but has advanced to the point where Gourde feels comfortable spending much more time at Cooper’s, which is located directly behind the landmark named after Ensign Thomas Cooper, the Civil War naval hero who once lived there.  Only a few small spaces in the 14,000-square-foot building on Main Street in Agawam are not occupied, and plans are emerging for those rooms as ...

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    2. Promising Venture | BusinessWest

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      Promising Venture | BusinessWest

      In addition, MassMutual will invest more than $1.5 million over the next three years in a startup accelerator managed by Valley Venture Mentors (VVM), an entrepreneur-mentoring network based in Springfield. The first class of the accelerator will feature 30 startups to be selected through a competitive application process later this summer. DevelopSpringfield, a nonprofit dedicated to revitalizing the city, has been tasked with building out the physical location for the accelerator in the Tower Square building downtown.  “We’re building off a mentorship program that we’ve been running now for three and a half years,” said Scott Foster ...

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    3. Drawing on Experience | BusinessWest

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      Drawing on Experience | BusinessWest

      Raf Anzovin, president of Northampton-based Anzovin Studio, has discovered that success in the animation industry comes to those who push their businesses to the edge — the cutting edge of technology.  Dedicated to supplying an array of services to clients while regularly improving the tools with which they create their products, the Anzovin Studio staff has mastered an ingenious two-pronged approach. Even when business is thriving, the company challenges itself to refine its practices and streamline its productivity, which serves to benefit both artists and clients.

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    4. Meeting Expectations | BusinessWest

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      Meeting Expectations | BusinessWest

      The recipe for success at the Hotel Northampton, which hosts about 1,000 meetings and conventions every year, contains ingredients that are difficult to replicate.
      First, there is the old-fashioned historic charm of the hotel itself, which was built in 1927 with great attention to detail and an elegant ballroom designed for formal affairs. Next is the advanced technology available to meeting planners, including state-of-the-art sound systems and audio-visual equipment.  Then there’s a third fundamental — the hotel’s location.  It is set in the heart of Northampton’s thriving downtown, which allows people who attend business retreats, meetings, and ...

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    5. Community Spotlight: East Longmeadow | BusinessWest

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      Community Spotlight: East Longmeadow | BusinessWest

      Paul Federici says East Longmeadow has undergone a growth spurt over the past several years, and the trend is continuing.  “The town has been fortunate to have new developments in both our residential and commercial areas,” said the clerk of the Board of Selectmen. “Real estate has picked up tremendously in terms of new construction as well as sales of existing homes, and there has also been a steady increase in commercial growth.”  He attributes the upswing to the availability of property, East Longmeadow’s favorable business climate, and the town’s many amenities. “Businesses and individuals like what we ...

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    6. Change Agent | BusinessWest

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      Change Agent | BusinessWest

      Dena Hall was talking about some of the many things that have changed since she was promoted to Western Mass. regional president at United Bank roughly a month ago. She said her phone calls are being returned more frequently and more promptly now. Meanwhile, she’s taking more calls, including some from people who want to know if the attractive positions that once dominated her business card — senior vice president of marketing and community relations and president of the United Bank Charitable Foundation, are “up for grabs.” They are not — she’ll still have those duties.

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    7. More Investments in the Future | BusinessWest

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      More Investments in the Future | BusinessWest

      he East Columbus Avenue project is the latest — and probably the last, “at least for now” — for the company in Western Mass., said Balise, noting that every dealership in the regional portfolio has been replaced or substantially renovated over the past eight years, with investments totaling more than $30 million.  The project list includes new facilities for Balise Toyota, Balise Lexus, and Balise Honda, all on Riverdale Street in West Springfield; Balise Chevy Buick GMC on West Columbus Avenue in Springfield; and Balise Ford on Boston Road in Wilbraham. Meanwhile, the Balise Mazda facility, also on Riverdale Street, has been ...

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    8. Berkshire Bank Provides Grant to MSBDC

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      Berkshire Bank Provides Grant to MSBDC

      Berkshire Bank has announced that its foundation has provided a $1,500 grant to support the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center (MSBDC). The grant funds will go directly to support the MSBDC’s business-advisory services and other programs throughout Western Mass. “Berkshire Bank and its foundation have been long-time supporters of the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center,” said Jason Rivera, vice president, Business Banking at Berkshire Bank. “We recognize the vital role the MSBDC plays in assisting small businesses throughout the Commonwealth.”

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    9. Bay Path Is Now Officially a University

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      Bay Path Is Now Officially a University

      Bay Path faculty, staff, and students celebrated July 1 as the official first day as a university — and the first women’s university in the Commonwealth. Before a crowd of more than 250 members from the Bay Path community, President Carol Leary said, “we are enthusiastic about becoming Bay Path University, as it more appropriately reflects the complexity, drive, and bold dreams of this institution. Our three campuses have been expanded by a location in downtown Springfield, bringing us back to our roots, that boasts the first online college in the country exclusively for women. Soon, we will have a ...

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    10. Transit Transformation | BusinessWest

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      Transit Transformation | BusinessWest

      Timothy Brennan calls the return of passenger rail service to the Pioneer Valley a “new frontier.”  That’s a phrase that has been used in other cities across the nation where revitalization has occurred as a result of the introduction or expansion of commuter rail service, which caters to the growing demand among young people and Baby Boomers for housing in downtowns complete with shops, restaurants, entertainment, and a good transportation system. And Brennan, executive director of the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, believes it applies here.  Next year, after more than a decade of planning and infrastructure work, Amtrak’s ...

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    11. MassMutual Invests Big in Springfield’s Future

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      MassMutual Invests Big in Springfield’s Future

      At the Western Mass. Developers Conference last Thursday, MassMutual President, CEO, and Chairman Roger Crandall announced that the corporation will be investing $6.5 million in initiatives to assist fledgling businesses in Springfield. This is a major step forward in the ongoing efforts to promote entrepreneurship and job creation in Springfield, and a commitment that could create considerable momentum in a city that needs some. The company announced that it will create a $5 million Springfield Venture Fund (SVF) to invest in high-potential startups in Springfield, and also commit $1.5 million over the next three years to support the ...

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    12. Powerful Statement | BusinessWest

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      Powerful Statement | BusinessWest

      When Patrick Quinlan and Bill Stein went about the task of assigning a name to the company they started in 2012 to design, build, and service small wind turbines, they quickly settled on ‘Black Island.’  That phrase may not mean much to most people — Quinlan joked that many who hear it think it has something to do with pirates — but it does resonate with those who know their geography. Or their wind power.  Black Island, so named because of a distinct lack of snow — there is also a White Island nearby that obviously has some — is in the Ross Archipelago ...

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    13. Local Plastics Manufacturer Pioneering New Technology

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      Local Plastics Manufacturer Pioneering New Technology

      Meredith-Springfield Associates Inc., a plastics manufacturer specializing in extrusion blow molding and injection stretch blow molding, is pioneering the use of new technology to manufacture sustainable plastic packaging for major brands like Mrs. Dash, owned by B&G Foods. “An analysis of the Mrs. Dash packaging process revealed the need to create a more sustainable bottle,” said Mel O’Leary, Jr., president and CEO of Meredith-Springfield. “While sustainable packaging has become a point of interest for manufacturers with regards to environmental benefits, significant cost-savings can also be realized. Sustainable package innovation offered by advanced plastic molding technology minimizes packaging costs ...

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    14. Baystate Health Appoints Leaders of Regional Community Hospitals | BusinessWest

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      Baystate Health Appoints Leaders of Regional Community Hospitals | BusinessWest

      Baystate Health announced three leadership appointments for its regional community hospitals. Effective July 1, Steven Bradley will succeed Chuck Gijanto as president of Baystate Franklin Medical Center and the Baystate Northern Region. And effective immediately, Dennis Chalke has been named senior vice president of Community Hospitals for Baystate Health, an expansion of his current role as chief financial officer and treasurer, in which he will continue. Dr. M. Shafeeq Ahmed will continue in his role as chief operating officer and chief medical officer for Baystate Mary Lane Hospital, and will also serve as acting president of Baystate Mary Lane Hospital ...

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    15. Greenfield Launches Technology Master Plan

      Explore BusinessWest (Jun 23 2014)

      Greenfield Launches Technology Master Plan

      We will have the ability to provide Internet access to many of our citizens who cannot currently access the Internet today or are prevented from a rapid and broad connection.” Beginning in 2010, Martin and Economic Development Director Robert Pyers began an effort to focus on the town’s lack of telecommunications and information-technology infrastructure. They believed that an investment in technology would help spur economic development, enhance public-health and public-safety communications, increase quality educational opportunities, and encourage government efficiency and local democracy. Research had also shown that investing in technology would help the town retain technology-based businesses and spur ...

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    16. Scuderi Group and AHIS of Mexico Sign Power-purchasing Agreement

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      Scuderi Group and AHIS of Mexico Sign Power-purchasing Agreement

      The Scuderi Group announced the signing of a power-purchasing agreement (PPA) with Mexico City-based developer and gaming company AHIS in an effort to lower electrical costs by up to 20% at 13 of its properties. This contract also enables the Scuderi Group to be given authorization to generate electricity for the Mexican power grid. According to the agreement, the Scuderi Group will build the necessary power-generation and energy-storage units to be installed at 13 of AHIS’s casinos located in Mexico City and other resort locations, which currently house an average of 350 machines each, as well as sports/race ...

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    17. DevelopSpringfield Announces Grant for State Street Improvements

      Explore BusinessWest (Jun 20 2014)

      DevelopSpringfield Announces Grant for State Street Improvements

      DevelopSpringfield announced that it has awarded a $25,321 grant for facade improvements to the 886-892 State St. property owned by Lorilee I, LLC. Building tenants include the new restaurant Q Smokin’ Good Food. The grant is made possible under DevelopSpringfield’s Corridor Storefront Improvement Program, which provides grants of up to $10,000 per storefront for exterior improvements to first-floor businesses located on State and Main streets in Springfield.

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    18. Focus Springfield Community TV Ribbon Cutting Slated for June 23

      Explore BusinessWest (Jun 19 2014)

      Focus Springfield Community TV Ribbon Cutting Slated for June 23

      The newly formed Focus Springfield Community Television will open with a formal ribbon cutting, unveiling the new, 7,000-square-foot community television and programming facility at 1200 Main St., on June 23 at 10 a.m. Mayor Domenic Sarno, other local officials, and representatives of Focus Springfield Community Television will participate in the grand-opening event. The new local community television hub will host leading-edge technology that will allow local producers and Springfield residents to learn the skills needed to develop and air video programming on the Springfield cable system.

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    19. Community Spotlight: Agawam | BusinessWest

      Explore BusinessWest (Jun 18 2014)

      Community Spotlight: Agawam | BusinessWest

      Deborah Dachos, director of Planning and Community Development, agreed, and said the new zoning offers an ideal setting for growth and is in line with what business owners and residents want in that section of the city. “The zoning change has finally passed,” she said. “It involved a concerted effort to work with businesses to make the area more user-friendly and less restrictive. We worked hard on the plan, which includes the old Food Mart site and former Ames store building.”

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    20. MassMutual Donates $155,000 on Behalf of Financial Professionals

      Explore BusinessWest (Jun 17 2014)

      MassMutual has awarded $155,000 to eligible nonprofit organizations through its annual Community Service Awards (CSA) program. The awards are given on behalf of MassMutual financial professionals who demonstrate outstanding commitment to nonprofit organizations in their local community. New this year, MassMutual has increased its giving to include six $5,000 Silver awards in addition to its usual 10 $10,000 Gold awards and a top $25,000 Platinum award. “At MassMutual, we are proud of the significant impact our financial professionals have on their communities. What better way to encourage more of them to volunteer than to recognize those ...

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    21. Team Player | BusinessWest

      Explore BusinessWest (Jun 11 2014)

      Team Player | BusinessWest

      In her first two months on the job, Marqusee has been busy spending time in many different areas of the hospital and, in fact, the entire CDH network. “I’m trying to make people understand that it’s not just a hospital; Cooley Dickinson is also the VNA, off-site physician practices, radiology, and rehab,” just to name a few, she said.
      “I’m also trying to meet people from different shifts — nights, weekends, evenings. It’s a whole new world at night, so I’m trying to understand their challenges, too. I’m just trying to create some visibility; I ...

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    22. Baystate Recognized Nationally for Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes

      Explore BusinessWest (Jun 11 2014)

      For the second consecutive year, U.S. News & World Report has ranked Baystate Children’s Hospital among the top programs in the nation in pediatric endocrinology and diabetes. The “Best Children’s Hospitals” rankings highlight U.S. News’s top 50 U.S. pediatric facilities in cancer, cardiology and heart surgery, diabetes and endocrinology, gastroenterology and GI surgery, neonatology, nephrology, neurology and neurosurgery, orthopedics, pulmonology, and urology. Just 89 hospitals across the nation ranked in at least one specialty, based on a combination of clinical data and reputation with pediatric specialists. “We’re proud to again be recognized among the ...

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    23. Tighe & Bond Honored for Its Role in Developing Computing Center

      Explore BusinessWest (Jun 11 2014)

      During its 21st awards celebration in Boston last month, the Environmental Business Council of New England (EBC) presented Tighe & Bond with an award for its role in developing the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC). The EBC named this state-of-the-art data center, which sits on a former industrial site in Holyoke, the James D.P. Farrell Brownfields Project of the Year. Tighe & Bond was one of several key project contributors to receive this award. Three years in the making and completed in November 2012, the $165 million MGHPCC transformed a historic Holyoke canal mill complex into a gleaming Massachusetts ...

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    24. Annual State of the Region Conference Slated for June 13

      Explore BusinessWest (Jun 10 2014)

      The New England’s Knowledge Corridor Partnership’s annual State of the Region Conference will be held June 13 from 7:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. at the Sheraton Hotel at Bradley International Airport. The program’s centerpiece will be an action agenda for sustaining the interstate region’s economic competitiveness. New England’s Knowledge Corridor extends along the I-91 corridor from New Haven, Conn., through Hartford and Springfield, to Greenfield.

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