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    1. PVLSI and Seahorse Bioscience team up to validate novel technology - Member Company News - News - Massachusetts Biotechnology Council

      Seahorse Bioscience and the Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute (PVLSI) announce an agreement to work together to validate a novel technology developed by Seahorse Bioscience to measure the CO2 (carbon dioxide) production rates of cells.
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    2. Business development manager joins PVLSI - Member Company News - News - Massachusetts Biotechnology Council

      The Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute announces that Marcia Dougan Woods, MPH has joined the Institute as its business development manager. In that capacity she will work closely with the senior leadership team to advance relationships and implement innovative programs with industry. Ms. Woods has 20 years of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, including as a consultant to small biotechnology companies and with Bristol-Myers Squibb as director, Oncology/Pharmacogenomics External Science Technology and Licensing. She holds a MPH from Yale University and a BS in biological sciences from Bates College.
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