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    1. Industrial Directory Reports Massachusetts Lost Fewer Industrial Jobs Over Past Year

      Bright spots for the state include the opening of Tyco Flow Control's Advanced Nuclear Testing & Development facility in Mansfield; the opening of Nuclea Biotechnologies' Nuclea Genomics Center in Pittsfield; the opening of a new production line at Fusion Optix in Woburn; the planned expansion of Coca-Cola's bottling plant in Northampton; the opening of a TPI Composites wind blade facility in Fall River; and the recent announcement that Terrafugia Inc. plans to begin production of its Roadable Aircraft or "Flying Car," potentially adding 50 manufacturing jobs to its Woburn plant.
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    2. NewAlliance and First Niagara Will Combine to Create a Top-25 U.S. Bank With More ...

      NewAlliance has $8.7 billion in assets, including $4.9 billion in loans, as well as $5.1 billion in deposits. Its 88 branches serve eight counties from Greenwich, Connecticut to Springfield, Massachusetts. Currently, First Niagara serves communities across Upstate New York, Western Pennsylvania including Pittsburgh, and Eastern Pennsylvania from the Philadelphia suburbs to Allentown, Pennsylvania.
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