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    1. Massachusetts Tech Jobs, Investment Growing---But Not Fast Enough? | Xconomy

      Massachusetts Tech Jobs, Investment Growing---But Not Fast Enough? | Xconomy

      t’s a time of big economic and political changes in the Bay State. Massachusetts has a new governor, Boston has a relatively new mayor, and the University of Massachusetts will have a new president, to name just a few transitions.  So it’s also a good time to take stock of where the local technology industry stands in terms of job growth, talent pool, wages, investment, and other metrics. To that end, the Mass Technology Leadership Council has released a broad “State of Technology” report and is convening its annual meeting in Boston today, in part to discuss the ...

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    2. Qteros Finds Ways Around Funding Pitfalls for Biofuel Startups

      In Qteros’s licensing model, some ethanol producers would incorporate its technology into their existing plants. McCarthy said that retrofitting existing facilities to use his firm’s technology would be less expensive than building new plants from scratch. However, the four-year-old startup has yet to find an ethanol producer willing to fork over cash to license its technology. To gain the confidence of such partners, the firm still needs to generate more proof that its system for making ethanol works on a larger scale than it has shown in its own labs. So the company plans to provide this evidence ...
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    3. LifeImage and EMC Planning New Cloud Storage Service for Medical Data

      LifeImage and EMC Planning New Cloud Storage Service for Medical Data
      There are now 20 hospitals or healthcare provider organizations that have either signed on to adopt the startup’s software or are about to sign on, including Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA, MGH, and Continuum Health Partners in New York. (We covered the economic argument for the lila software in our initial story about LifeImage last year.)
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    4. Massachusetts Business Development Officials Set Up Outpost at Cambridge Innovation Center

      I stopped by the Cambridge Innovation Center this afternoon to welcome a special newcomer to the neighborhood (Xconomy’s headquarters is just three blocks away). It was Jason Schupbach, the creative economy director for the Massachusetts Office of Business Development. Schupbach—who is already a familiar face around the local innovation community, of course—is in the vanguard of [...]
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