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    1. PeoplesBank going green with newest branch, on St. James Avenue in Springfield

      PeoplesBank going green with newest branch, on St. James Avenue in Springfield
      Green is more than the color of the money at the new PeoplesBank branch office at 1051 St. James Ave. The branch is the first building in the city to receive the GreenSeal designation from City Hall and GreenSpringfield, a private group dedicated to growing Springfield’s economy in an environmentally friendly way.
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    2. Holyoke Chamber of Commerce to learn details of high-speed computing center on March 29

      Gov. Deval L. Patrick on Friday afternoon cited the planned high-speed computing center in Holyoke as an example of the state’s economic recovery. Patrick, who spoke at a regional economic summit held at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, had few details to share on the project’s progress.
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    3. Editorial: Broadband race picking up speed in Springfield

      Consider the nationwide competition to become one of the test communities for Google’s new ultra-high speed, fiber-optic network. Springfield is among Massachusetts communities vying for the grand prize – the installation of an advanced data network offering access to homes and business at Internet speeds that are almost 100 times faster than Americans have access to today.
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    4. Mass. Highway Department reviewing bids for long-awaited downtown Westfield road reconstruction project

      City officials said low bids are favorable both for the city, state and region and that the $2 million saved could mean additional funding for projects here or throughout the region through the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission’s Metropolitan Planning Organization. That agency approved the go-ahead for Westfield’s project last fall.
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    5. Holyoke City Councilor Aaron Vega says people frustrated about lack of details about planned high-performance computing center | Massachusetts Local News - MassLive.com

      Patrick administration officials said at the task force’s last meeting on Feb. 18 that a preferred site along the canals has been chosen for the computing center, but they were unwilling to identify the exact location.
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    6. Cost of health care, not a lack of competition, driving up costs of coverage, Mass. insurers maintain | Massachusetts Local News - MassLive.com

      Local health insurers said the cost of care, not a lack of competition among insurers or a thirst for profits, is driving up the cost of health care coverage. “It’s higher than last year because medical costs have gone up since last year,” said Peter F. Straley, president and CEO of Springfield-based Health New England.
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