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    1. EDC and AIM to host International Business Event

      The EDC is co-hosting an international business event with Associated Industries of Massachusetts-International Business Council (“AIM-IBC”) on October 7 at the Sheraton Springfield, sponsored by MassMutual. We are inviting Trade and Investment agencies, consular officials and chambers of commerce from Europe and North America to come to Springfield to meet the western Mass business community. We believe that this conference represents an excellent opportunity for our region, as well as for our international guests, so we are pleased to host it. The event will include simultaneous panel discussions on foreign direct investment and importing and exporting, both to follow the ...
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    2. Big Y Proposes Franklin Supermarket

      Springfield-based Big Y Foods Inc. plans to open a supermarket in Franklin at the site of the former Franklin Buffet restaurant. The site is at 348 East Central St. (Route 140). The store has been proposed as a 55,000-square-foot supermarket and site plans have been submitted for approval with the town. Big Y estimated that the project would cost about $18 million.
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