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    1. Holyoke Community College launches Network of Women Entrepreneurs

      Holyoke Community College launches Network of Women Entrepreneurs

      Styffe said the networking group is not a “get together and chat” kind of thing, but a roll-up-your-sleeves endeavor where business owners and would-be business owners get together to talk about how to run a successful operation. The group walks participants through everything from setting up a business plan, forming a legally compliant business, creating a payroll system and dealing with payroll taxes, how to deal with the Internal Revenue Service, how to market the business, finding lending opportunities, global outsourcing, and more. The cost for the program is $10, and there is an open, rolling admission.

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    2. MassChallenge 2013 to kick off with opening of applications - Boston Business Journal

      Boston startup accelerator MassChallenge will launch its fourth year Wednesday, opening applications to startups which will ultimately compete for $1 million in cash awards.  The program plans to accept 125 startups again this year, which will receive mentorship and office space at the MassChallenge office in the South Boston Seaport. The program is funded by sponsors and does not take equity in the participating companies.  Applications open at 3 p.m. Wednesday.

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    3. Healthy Growth Pattern | BusinessWest

      Healthy Growth Pattern | BusinessWest

      Indeed, instead of going into business together and operating a single franchise of a growing national chain of urgent-care centers called Doctors Express — which was one of the options they discussed at that lunch — they decided instead to become what’s known as master franchisees, overseeing not a location of this chain, which offers an alternative to crowded emergency rooms and the primary-care physician’s office when it’s closed, but a region, in this case most of New England.

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    4. Planting Seeds | BusinessWest

      Planting Seeds | BusinessWest

      Specifically, as the entrepreneurs behind Valley Malt in Hadley since 2010, they are among maybe a half-dozen enterprises in the U.S. dedicated to malting barley on a small scale. Longtime home brewers who dreamed of opening a brewery featuring local hops and grain, they were surprised to find there was no local supplier for the ingredients they needed, so they decided to fill a market niche.

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    5. Female Founders | BusinessWest

      Female Founders | BusinessWest

      Although paths to entrepreneurship differ, the number of woman-owned businesses is on the rise. According to the American Express OPEN “State of Women-Owned Businesses” report, between 1997 and 2011 the number of women-owned firms increased by 50%, at a rate of 1.5 times the national average. And today, there are more than 7.8 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. that generate $1.2 trillion in sales each year.

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    6. Fighting Spirit | BusinessWest

      Fighting Spirit | BusinessWest

      Paul Kozub says that, since the day he started his ambitious business venture, people haven’t been shy about asking him for a job.  “It’s understandable — this is the vodka business, and people think it’s sexy,” said Kozub, who took his brand, V-One, to the marketplace through Valley Vodka Inc. in 2005. “And what’s better than going into bars and buying people drinks and being out all the time?”

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    7. Massachusetts program helps banks lend to local businesses

      Massachusetts program helps banks lend to local businesses

      “This is about rewarding the heroes of the recession, community banks and small business,” State Treasurer Steven Grossman said during a recent meeting with The Republican’s Editorial Board. “Particularly because those will be the ones who will supply the Little League uniforms and the batting helmets. This is how you build the local economy.”

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    8. Dream Weaver

      Dream Weaver

      More than a decade ago, after the downsizing of his family’s business, Serv-U, Steve Rosenkrantz was trying to decide what to do next. He knew he wanted to run his own business, but didn’t know exactly which path to take. He enlisted the help of a company called Entrepreneur’s Source, which links clients with franchises — and the franchise they linked him with was Entrepreneur’s Source. Since then, he’s helped dozens of couples and individuals take charge of their lives and turn dreams into reality.

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    9. Northampton start-up company CitySprout.com combines local food, high tech

      Northampton start-up company CitySprout.com combines local food, high tech

      CitySprout is the brain-child of co-founders Will Trienens, Nathanial Trienens and Gabriel Odess-Gillett, tech savy proponents of the local food movement. The two Trienens, who are cousins, started their own Web company, FuzzProductions.com, before turning their thoughts to food, according to Jesse Mayhew, the spokesman for CitySprout. Nathaniel Trienens makes his home in Brooklyn but the other partners live in Northampton.

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    10. The Keys to Success | BusinessWest

      The Keys to Success | BusinessWest

      This is a classic story of vision and entrepreneurial spirit scripted by a high-school dropout who started working in the HVAC industry and soon, with his wife as a full partner, began exploring ways for the two to work for themselves. They eventually became franchisees with a New Jersey-based outfit called Valet Park International in 1990. When that venture dissolved a few years later, the couple started their own enterprise in 1992 and called it Valley Park of America, a name they plan to fully grow into someday by making it national in scope.

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    11. A Priceless Gift | BusinessWest

      A Priceless Gift | BusinessWest

      It was also a journey she might never have undertaken without the help, support, and guidance she has received from Valley Venture Mentors, or VVM. The Springfield-based group provides critical support to entrepreneurs by linking them to business professionals who act as mentors during structured monthly pitch-and-planning sessions as well as in private meetings between sessions. Although Muehlke had conducted academic research before making the decision to launch her company, the guidance she’s received from the group has been invaluable.

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    12. Franklin County Community Development Corp. in Greenfield has recipe for success for entrepreneurs

      Franklin County Community Development Corp. in Greenfield has recipe for success for entrepreneurs

      Headquartered at 324 Wells St., the Franklin County Community Development Corp. is an economic development non-profit organization that provides comprehensive business development education, access to capital, commercial office and manufacturing space and the Western Massachusetts Food Processing Center, which helps guide specialty food entrepreneurs from the New England region along the path to launch and manufacture food products.

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    13. Valley Venture Mentors accepts four new startups

      Valley Venture Mentors accepts four new startups

      Paul Silva, executive director of Valley Ventures, said he co-founded the program last February along with co-founders Scott Foster, now chairman of the board, and Steve Willis, the lead sponsor of the group. Silva, who runs the angel investment firm River Valley Investors, said all three of the founders had some connection to the UMass-Amherst entrepreneurship program.

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    14. 'Geek Gathering' event planned to give Pioneer Valley techies some face-to-face networking time

      'Geek Gathering' event planned to give Pioneer Valley techies some face-to-face networking time

      They’ve invited entrepreneurs behind the small, but fast-growing, computer and information-technology companies from around the Pioneer Valley as well as college students majoring in computer science and related fields and counselors from college career offices.

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