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    1. Massachusetts increases road and bridge repair money for cities and towns

      Massachusetts increases road and bridge repair money for cities and towns
      Amid the gloom and doom of a bad economy, Massachusetts cities and towns got good news Friday when the Patrick administration announced a $5 million increase in road and bridge repair money prized by communities. Spending from so-called Chapter 90 funding will increase to $155 million statewide in the fiscal year beginning July 1.
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    2. Train of Thought

      Train of Thought
      John Judge understands that, when he says he’s “hopeful and “optimistic” about the prospects for Union Station, he’s echoing the comments of myriad Springfield officials, Pioneer Valley Transit Authority administrators, and area economic-development leaders, some of whom have watched the landmark sit idle and deteriorate for almost 40 years.
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    3. Tour bus industry leaders to meet in Springfield

      Tour bus industry leaders to meet in Springfield
      Pantuso, who spoke at a news conference this morning at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, said other communities where the American Bus Association has hosted this meeting have noticed uptics in bus travel. The American Bus Association conducted the meeting on Cape Cod in 2008 and in Utah last year.
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    4. Mass. Highway Department reviewing bids for long-awaited downtown Westfield road reconstruction project

      City officials said low bids are favorable both for the city, state and region and that the $2 million saved could mean additional funding for projects here or throughout the region through the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission’s Metropolitan Planning Organization. That agency approved the go-ahead for Westfield’s project last fall.
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    5. Northampton gives tax break to Coca Cola

      Teri Anderson, Northampton's economic development director, said Coca-Cola is looking at two other lower-cost sites outside Massachusetts. If Coca-Cola chooses Northampton for its new product line of chilled juices, it would add a 13,000-square-foot building to its plant. The expansion calls for an investment of $25 million to $33 million for construction and new machinery and equipment, Anderson said.
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    6. Rail progress

      State officials said CSX will be moving freight operations from its Beacon Park yards in the Allston section of Boston to existing rail yards in Central and Western Massachusetts. That would mean more freight activity at the company’s rail yards along Franklin Street in Worcester, as well as smaller sites the company owns in Westboro, East Brookfield and West Springfield.
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