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    1. Canadian officials want to be aboard if high-speed rail takes off in Northeast

      Amtrak’s long-term vision dovetails with President Obama’s interest in high-speed rail as a 21st-century answer to the Eisenhower-era interstate system. Obama touched on the subject in his last State of the Union address and released $8 billion in federal stimulus dollars for rail that same month. Part of those stimulus funds provided a down payment on true high-speed rail lines and part funded not-quite-as-fast-but-shovel-ready connections between cities, including a rerouting of Amtrak’s Vermonter line (New York City to St. Albans, Vt.) over a faster, more direct route through Western Massachusetts.
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    2. Bradley airport's passenger count up for first time in four years

      Bradley airport's passenger count up for first time in four years
      "We've crossed the line, especially when you take that in the context of the new service announcements that will be starting over the next two to three months," Daley said. "We're looking at an increase of about 9 percent in weekday departing flights, and hopefully, if we don't have a double-dip recession or go back into this economic retraction that we've been in, we may actually have made a turning point."
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    3. American Airlines Completes Inaugural Flight at Connecticut's Bradley ...

      American Airlines Completes Inaugural Flight at “The State of Connecticut, Department of Transportation and Bradley International Airport are proud to be part of this cutting-edge technology at New England’s second largest airport,” said Eric N. Waldron, A.A.E., ACE, Bradley’s Administrator. “Thank you to GE Aviation, American Airlines and our partners at the Federal Aviation Administration for bringing this additional safety feature to Bradley which benefits everyone, most especially our customers.”
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    4. Two New Projects Announced

      Congratulations are in order for officials who helped facilitate two announcements about business expansions in western Massachusetts this week. First, Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Greg Bialecki and Northampton Mayor Mary Claire Higgins put together a package of incentives to convince Coca Cola to expand its Northampton facility. The project represents a minimum investment of $33 Million according to Coke and will add at least 40 new permanent jobs and about 60 construction jobs. Northampton Economic Development Director Teri Anderson deserves credit for her efforts to ensure that the investment happened in Northampton.   Second, the Campanelli Companies announced ...
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