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    1. Retail project faces delay

      SPRINGFIELD - A proposed $45 million shopping center at the former Westinghouse Electric Corp. property in East Springfield is delayed, triggered, in part, by the poor economy. Packard Development of Newton is proposing the shopping center on the 41-acre parcel on Page Boulevard. When announced in March of 2008, the company anticipated approximately 20 stores including discount department stores, neighborhood convenience stores and two restaurants. The retail center was expected to cover 450,000 square feet, and create between 700 and 800 permanent retail jobs.
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    2. The Reminder Online - McCary to build synergy between OABA, Eastern States Exposition

      WEST SPRINGFIELD -- Newly elected chair of the Outdoor Amusement Business Association (OABA) Wayne McCary, president of Eastern States Exposition, plans to build a synergy between the two industries to yield a prosperous relationship during his one-year appointment. "It's really always been a marriage [between the OABA and The Big E]," McCa...
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    3. Community colleges tackle tech education with federal help

      Community colleges tackle tech education with federal help
      Rapidly evolving technology, low minority and female participation, youth apathy, and the gulf between an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s are straining science, technology, engineering and math education at the community college level. Rather than buckle under, local community colleges are using funds from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health to find new ways to solve their problems.
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    4. UMass Researcher Sees Dollar Signs

      UMass Researcher Sees Dollar Signs
      This year UMass President Jack Wilson awarded $175,000 partitioned in seven $25,000 grants to UMass researchers to turn technologies developed at UMass labs into commercial products. These grants were awarded through the Commercial Ventures and Intellectual Properties (CVIP) Technology Development Fund created by Wilson in 2004.
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