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    1. Open Houses Coming Up at Springfield Incubator

      The EDC would like to inform you about three Open Houses coming up at the Scibelli Enterprise Center at the Springfield Technology Park. Details are below. The EDC encourages small business formation and we would be pleased to offer assistance to any firm or entrepreneur, along with the resources available at the Center. Growing Successful Small Businesses is the focus of several upcoming open houses at the Scibelli Enterprise Center at the STCC Technology Park in Springfield. Please join us on December 15, January 12, and February 9 from 12:00 – 1:00pm to learn about how the Enterprise Center ...
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    2. Utility set for major electricity transmission upgrade in WMass, Connecticut

      Timothy W. Brennan, executive director of the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission in Springfield, said attracting economic development is directly linked to electricity systems that operate without interruption. "Looking to the future and knowing that our need for electricity is in a reliable format is an important ingredient," he said.
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    3. The Largest Solar Power Plant in Massachusetts Is About to Go Online

      The Largest Solar Power Plant in Massachusetts Is About to Go Online
      The largest solar power station in New England is finished and ready to deliver power by the end of November. The plant is established on a piece of industrial contaminated property in Springfield, Massachusetts and promises to produce sufficient power to light up 300 homes.
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    4. New solar facility is pumping energy

      Berkshire Economic Development Authority President David M. Rooney said the project embodied three factors that are essential for the region's economic growth: environment, education and energy. "We're seeing all those being brought into play with this project," he said. "I applaud the people at Western Massachusetts Electric and all the people involved here for moving that effort forward."
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    5. Solutia Opens New Photovoltaic Laboratory

      "Demand for renewable energy is growing, and that drives the demand for innovative technologies and materials," comments Aristotelis Karagiannis, vice president of technology, Solutia's Advanced Interlayers division. "With our deep understanding of EVA and PVB technologies, a track record of rapid innovation and our new laboratory, we're in a unique position to develop and deliver high-value solutions for the solar module market."
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