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    1. Power play over utility cos. merger

      “I don’t think it’s good to drag on and on,” May said of the longer-than-usual merger review. “I think it sends a bad message to businesses in Massachusetts and sends a bad message to investors on Wall Street. “The market has received this merger very, very well. They think it makes tremendous sense for this region,” he said. “You hate to lose that luster, so to speak, of all of the positive reactions.”
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    2. Hampshire Council of Governments applies to become default electricity supplier to 22 communities

      Hampshire Council of Governments applies to become default electricity supplier to 22 communities
      Kenneth E. Elstein, the electricity specialist for the Council of Governments, said all residential and business customers will have the option of staying with their current suppliers, National Grid or Western Massachusetts Electric Co., but the alternative program will guarantee a lower price initially.
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    3. Qteros and UMass Amherst Bolster Patent Portfolio for Ethanol-Producing ...

      The University of Massachusetts Amherst is one of the nation's pre-eminent public research universities. More than 24,000 students from all 50 states and over 70 countries attend the university. Home to New England's premier honors college, UMass Amherst has more than 85 undergraduate majors, 68 master's and 48 doctoral degree programs– many the top programs in the nation and world. The faculty, dedicated teachers and world-renowned, recently received a record breaking $170 million in sponsored research.
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    4. Shedding Light on the Subject

      Shedding Light on the Subject
      Ron French calls it “an elegant solution to an horrific problem.” He’s talking about solar energy, and specifically referencing the benefits that a homeowner can expect to recoup, both financially and on a higher plane, from a switch to clean and green power. French is the President of the Wilton, Conn.-based Alteris Renewables, a company that is steadily harnessing the Northeast market’s demands for solar and wind-powered electricity
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    5. Just Ask: What is purpose of the poles being stockpiled at Westover Industrial Park?

      That lot, owned by the Westover Metropolitan Development Corp., is being leased by Northeast Utilities to be used as a lay down or storage area for supplies for the Springfield Reliability Project, that began this spring. The project will upgrade 39 miles of high voltage transmission lines in Greater Springfield that are considered a weak link in the Northeast Utilities system. The project will run from Ludlow to Bloomfield, Conn, said Frank J. Poirot, Northeast Utilities spokesman, the parent company for Western New England Electric Co.
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    6. Amherst officials can begin the permitting process for landfill solar project

      Amherst officials can begin the permitting process for landfill solar project
      The town is working with Boston-based BlueWave Capital LLC to build the solar generating system. The project could produce 4.75 megawatts of electricity, enough to provide energy to all town buildings and schools, street lights and more. Depending on the cost of energy over time, the project could save the town about $25 million during the next 25 to 30 years.
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    7. DOE awards Early Career Awards to 11 New England researchers

      The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded five-year Early Career Awards, all worth at least $150,000, to 67 recipients nationally, including 11 New England researchers. The grants came from the DOE’s Office of Science and are designed to support researchers early in their careers and focused in areas of interest to the DOE.
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    8. WMECo Launches Construction of Indian Orchard Solar Facility

      Western Massachusetts Electric Company (WMECo) today formally launched development of a large-scale solar energy facility in the Indian Orchard section of Springfield. The selected site – owned by the Springfield Redevelopment Authority – encompasses 12 acres and will accommodate 8,200 solar panels and produce 2.2 MW of electricity.
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