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    1. Western Mass Companies Exhibit at Medical Device Conference

      Western Mass Companies Exhibit at Medical Device Conference
       Last week, the EDC coordinated a pavilion for ten companies from the four western counties at the Medical Design and Manufacturing (“MD&M”) conference in New York, the largest medical device trade show on the east coast. This is the second year that we have worked with our colleagues at Western Mass Electric Company/Northeast Utilities and the Precision Manufacturing Regional Alliance Project (“PMRAP”) to host companies at this show.
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    2. Oxford Performance Materials acquires PEKK medical business

      In Monday’s statement, Oxford founders Scott DeFelice and Severine Zygmont said that they have purchased the biomedical business unit for which they have had sole management responsibility ever since the firm’s inception. The newly acquired company will retain the name Oxford Performance Materials, and all phone numbers and all other contact information will remain the same, according to DeFelice, the company’s president and CEO.
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    3. Theraputic Systems of Amherst designs special vest designed to sooth autistic children

      Theraputic Systems of Amherst designs special vest designed to sooth autistic children
      Its developers, Brian Mullen and business partner Chris Leidel, both graduated from UMass in 2009. Their company, Therapeutic Systems, is based at the Amherst Center for Entrepreneurship at 196 Pleasant St., an incubator for UMass start-ups.
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    4. Poplar Hill Machine, Inc. - The Robert E. Morris Company

      Poplar Hill Machine, Inc. - The Robert E. Morris Company
      If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming your own boss, you will be inspired by the story of Michael Kurkulonis, President of Poplar Hill Machine, Inc. His young job shop is experiencing remarkable success in the midst of a challenging economy. His business strategy is clear: use the most advanced machine tools and automation to manufacture high- tech parts for specialized industries.
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    5. Delcam's latest PartMaker to be demonstrated at EASTEC

      At EASTEC, PartMaker will be demonstrated alongside Delcam’s other leading edge manufacturing software products, including the PowerMILL, PowerSHAPE, FeatureCAM, ArtCAM and PowerINSPECT ranges. The Delcam booth will be the largest CAM booth at the exhibition, where the most comprehensive range of CAM products at the show will be on display.
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    6. Study: Medical devices manufacturing shifting to lower cost locations - Mass High Tech Business News

      Boyd agreed that western Massachusetts has a lower cost of living than the Boston area and it has access to Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Conn. “We think western Massachusetts has a chance, with access to intellectual capital at a fraction of the cost and to Bradley,” he said.
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    7. Israeli firm EarlySense to open U.S. headquarters in Mass.

      Israeli firm EarlySense to open U.S. headquarters in Mass.
      Patrick embarked on the Massachusetts Innovation Economy Partnership Mission 2011 in March to fuse relationships and talk about new investments and partnerships in Israel and the United Kingdom. He was joined on his trip by Susan Windham-Bannister, president and CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, who spoke to Mass High Tech on a separate subject of attracting businesses, including Israeli life sciences companies, to western Massachusetts. “Israel has a strong life sciences cluster, especially in medical devices, which is suited to the western part of the state,” she said.
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    8. UMass announces $200K in grants for new tech

      The University of Massachusetts, through its Commercial Ventures and Intellectual Property (CVIP) Technology Development Fund, has given out a total of $200,000 in grants to eight UMass researchers. The researchers are located in the Amherst, Lowell and Worcester campuses, and two teams are made up of researchers among Lowell and Worcester faculty, according to UMass officials.
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    9. Innovators hold key place in region

      Innovators hold key place in region
      The Economic Development Council and its partners will continue to work hard this year to identify the innovators in our region and help them find the resources they need to succeed. There is never a better or worse time to encourage new ideas. Very often, it is during the slower economic times that innovators choose to strike out on their own to prove the validity of a new idea or process or product.
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    10. Microtest Founder Feted in MassBio Story

      The Massachusetts Biotechnology Council ("MassBio") published a feature story about Steve Richter, the founder of Microtest, in its recent newsletter. MassBio has given the EDC permission to reprint the story. Here is a link to it - http://www.westernmassedc.com/microtestnews/ Microtest is one of the region's foremost life science companies. Steve is a friend and colleague of the EDC. Steve and his employees at Microtest have provided support and sage counsel to the EDC in our efforts to grow the life science and medical device sectors of the regional economy. We wish them a healthy and successful 2011.
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    11. A Documented Success

      A Documented Success
      Ray Catougno didn’t graduate high school with plans to become a court reporter. But when opportunity knocked, he ran with it, and eventually founded a company that employs about 700 people nationwide, providing transcription services for the medical, legal, law-enforcement, and insurance fields.
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    12. AIM | DefensetoMedicalDevices

      AIM | DefensetoMedicalDevices
      Precision manufacturing and plastics companies in the Pioneer Valley built a formidable reputation during the late 20th century as suppliers to the aerospace and defense industries. But the companies that have successfully weathered the current economic downturn have reoriented themselves toward a new industry - medical devices.
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    13. Seahorse Bioscience in Chicopee hopes to help researchers find causes of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, Parksonson's, Alzheimer's and obesity

      Seahorse Bioscience in Chicopee hopes to help researchers find causes of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, Parksonson's, Alzheimer's and obesity
      Teich said Billerica-based Seahorse first came to Chicopee in 2004 because of the high concentration of sophisticated plastics-molding companies located there. Within six months, Seahorse bought out its supplier and has since grown the operation from a $1.5-million-a-year business to $20 million a year with 50 employees. Teich said Seahorse has added $2 million in annual payroll in the last year, most of it in Chicopee.
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    14. Acquisitions pay off for Covidien in Q3, despite flat sales. | MassDevice - Medical Device Industry News

      The company's medical devices segment once again led the way, posting $1.63 billion in sales, compared to $1.53 billion during the same period last year. The 7 percent increase came primarily from significant growth in the firm's vascular products and oximetry & monitoring divisions that both posted 22 percent increases from comparable periods last year.
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