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    1. National Science Foundation (NSF) News - Researchers 'Print' Polymers That Bend Into 3-D Shapes

      National Science Foundation (NSF) News - Researchers 'Print' Polymers That Bend Into 3-D Shapes

      Christian Santangelo, Ryan Hayward and colleagues at the University of Massachusetts Amherst recently employed photographic techniques and polymer science to develop a new technique for printing two-dimensional sheets of polymers that can fold into three-dimensional shapes when water is added. The technique may lead to wide ranging practical applications from medicine to robotics

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    2. Growth Industry Sector Series Kicks Off with Photonics Event

      The EDC hosted, and First Niagara Bank sponsored, the firstevent in our Industry Sector series, “New Market Opportunities for Photonicsand Fiber Optics Companies” at the Springfield Technology Park earlier thisweek. Photonics company executives from six states constituted the majority ofthe 75 attendees. Five industry speakers provided case studies of howcompanies, large and small, have found new uses for technology to navigate andprosper in this rapidly changing industry. The Western Mass firms in attendancehad the chance to network with their peers from around the northeast and to seehow their technologies can support some of these new initiatives.    The Photonics event was ...
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    3. Inside Look—Startup Sees Need for Autism, Mental Illness Devices | MDDI Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry News Products and Suppliers

      Inside Look—Startup Sees Need for Autism, Mental Illness Devices | MDDI Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry News Products and Suppliers

      While such inventions may provide relief for people with autism, they’re not reimbursable through Medicare or Medicaid and often aren’t covered by insurance. Therapeutic Systems, an Amherst, MA–based startup, hopes its Vayu deep-pressure therapy vest will achieve what those other devices have not: 510(k) clearance. “Our goal is to develop a reimbursable medical device, not a homemade solution,” says CEO Brian Mullen. “I think [people with autism] deserve the same level of quality and safety as those with any other illness or diagnosis.”

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    4. European Business Prospects

        For the last few years, I have represented the EDC and the region on business development trips to Europe, typically with the support and participation of Northeast Utilities/Western Mass Electric Co and as part of delegations representing the Commonwealth and New England’s Knowledge Corridor©. My most recent visit was during November 2011. The headlines about the sovereign debt crisis and related banking sector issues gave me pause that this visit might not be productive. But the reality was exactly the opposite, as I met with more total, as well as higher quality, prospects than any other year.   Part ...
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    5. Start-up advances to money round - BostonHerald.com

      Start-up advances to money round - BostonHerald.com
      “Our key thing is getting public support of this product, but it also would help us move forward with our clinical development and the insurance reimbursement pathway,” founder and CEO Brian Mullen said. “It would help us to reach out to doctors and other caregivers of kids with autism and bring them into the process with us.”
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    6. 2012 European Business Development Mission

      2012 European Business Development Mission
        EDC Senior VP of Business Development Mike Graney will return to Europe in November to continue our international business development initiative. Mike annually attends Medica, the world’s premier medical device trade show in Düsseldorf. He will also represent the EDC as part of a New England’s Knowledge Corridor® (Hartford CT – Springfield MA region) sponsorship of a Dutch medical device regulatory affairs conference two days before Medica. The EDC’s goal is to identify and talk to corporate executives from firms that are interested in U.S. investment, partnerships and/or supply chain, especially in the northeast. Mike will ...
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    7. Survey: Most Mass. med tech firms added jobs in past 6 months - Boston Business Journal

      Survey: Most Mass. med tech firms added jobs in past 6 months - Boston Business Journal
      “In this year’s survey, we observe a more active approach in the last six months, and more change in the right direction when looking at the second half of the year,” MassMedic President Tom Sommer said in a statement. “This demonstrates the sector’s unrelenting desire to forge ahead and maintain its global standing in the industry even with t...
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    8. On the Cutting Edge

      On the Cutting Edge
      Thorn manufactures instrumentation and implantable surgical devices for the spine, knee, and hip using state-of-the-art computer numeric-controlled machinery. It also does its own laser marking, using a laser to mark parts for customers, as well as a process called passivation, which cleans instruments and implants with citric acid to remove imperfections in stainless steel or titanium.
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    9. Trade groups gain feds’ ear - BostonHerald.com

      Trade groups gain feds’ ear - BostonHerald.com
      CEOs of Massachusetts biotech and medical device companies who have had issues with new federal policies will gain direct access to the commissioner of their chief regulatory agency today. U.S. Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) will accompany Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg to two roundtables in Boston. “Massachusetts is...
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    10. Raising money and scraping by - BostonHerald.com

      Raising money and scraping by - BostonHerald.com
      Amherst-based Therapeutic Systems — which in May launched its wearable Vayu vest that’s designed to help soothe autistic children — has raised $325,000 in initial seed-round funding in addition to $66,500 in prize and grant money. As one of 125 finalists in MassChallenge, its two executives hope not only to win some of the start-up comp...
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    11. MassChallenge finalist pumped up by autism vest

      MassChallenge finalist pumped up by autism vest
      Mullen co-developed the vest’s DeePAD technology, which is licensed from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. It’s based on research started when he was earning a master’s degree in mechanical engineering there and continued during Ph.D. studies. The vest, which sells for $2,000 and comes in three sizes, is fabricated by medical device manufacturer Dielectrics Inc. in Chicopee. It has a removable hand pump that allows the child, his parent, occupational therapist or other caregiver to inflate or deflate the internal vest “bladder” to apply the desired level of deep pressure to the child.
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    12. EDC Supports Massachusetts Activities at BIO Convention

      I attended the Biotechnology International Organization (“BIO”) Convention in Washington DC last week. The EDC has been part of the Massachusetts delegation at this convention for a decade.  While there is always some advantage to us to be part of the Massachusetts team, we have cut back on other trade shows where western Mass does not have a significant industry presence. But we retain our participation at BIO for several reasons. First, we still believe in the promise of the Massachusetts Life Science Center (“LSC”). The LSC was created to manage the $1 billion Mass Life Science Initiative, announced by ...
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    13. Western Mass Companies Exhibit at Medical Device Conference

      Western Mass Companies Exhibit at Medical Device Conference
       Last week, the EDC coordinated a pavilion for ten companies from the four western counties at the Medical Design and Manufacturing (“MD&M”) conference in New York, the largest medical device trade show on the east coast. This is the second year that we have worked with our colleagues at Western Mass Electric Company/Northeast Utilities and the Precision Manufacturing Regional Alliance Project (“PMRAP”) to host companies at this show.
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    14. Oxford Performance Materials acquires PEKK medical business

      In Monday’s statement, Oxford founders Scott DeFelice and Severine Zygmont said that they have purchased the biomedical business unit for which they have had sole management responsibility ever since the firm’s inception. The newly acquired company will retain the name Oxford Performance Materials, and all phone numbers and all other contact information will remain the same, according to DeFelice, the company’s president and CEO.
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