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    1. Solutia Opens New Photovoltaic Laboratory

      "Demand for renewable energy is growing, and that drives the demand for innovative technologies and materials," comments Aristotelis Karagiannis, vice president of technology, Solutia's Advanced Interlayers division. "With our deep understanding of EVA and PVB technologies, a track record of rapid innovation and our new laboratory, we're in a unique position to develop and deliver high-value solutions for the solar module market."
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    2. Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation Appoints Willingham as President of ...

      Michael F. Golden, Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation President and CEO, said, "Barry Willingham has extensive management experience in the security and construction industries, including strategic planning and product development. He joined us in March as Chief Operating Officer of our Perimeter Security Division and since his arrival we have made significant investments in this business. He has expanded and reorganized the sales force and implemented new business processes and systems designed to prepare us for future growth. During his tenure, our Perimeter Security Division delivered a record level of quarterly revenue. His leadership and industry expertise will position us well ...
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    3. Smith & Wesson Universal Safety Response safety gates prove popular

      Smith & Wesson Universal Safety Response safety gates prove popular
      This summer, Smith & Wesson also installed a Universal Safety Response barrier at its plant and corporate headquarters on Roosevelt Avenue. The gates can be left up or folded down into the pavement, ready to be deployed when a threat presents itself. Once the gate is deployed, sensors gauge the speed and size of the vehicle and adjust the shock absorbers accordingly, Gelfand said. The steel cables that do the stopping are attached to shock absorbers.
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    4. AMICCON - Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation Competition & Conference - scheduled for MassMutual Center in Springfield

      AMICCON - Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation Competition & Conference - scheduled for MassMutual Center in Springfield
      The event has already started paying dividends, Shinners said. His company hosted a reception a few months ago. A Springfield envelope manufacturer heard about Pioneer through that event and is now in talks to use Pioneer Packaging for its packaging needs.
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    5. Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2011 Financial ...

      Michael F. Golden, Smith & Wesson President and Chief Executive Officer, said, "Our first quarter performance was characterized by solid execution in firearms, despite challenging year-over-year comparisons, as well as the highest quarterly sales in the history of our Perimeter Security Division.
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    6. Industrial Directory Reports Massachusetts Lost Fewer Industrial Jobs Over Past Year

      Bright spots for the state include the opening of Tyco Flow Control's Advanced Nuclear Testing & Development facility in Mansfield; the opening of Nuclea Biotechnologies' Nuclea Genomics Center in Pittsfield; the opening of a new production line at Fusion Optix in Woburn; the planned expansion of Coca-Cola's bottling plant in Northampton; the opening of a TPI Composites wind blade facility in Fall River; and the recent announcement that Terrafugia Inc. plans to begin production of its Roadable Aircraft or "Flying Car," potentially adding 50 manufacturing jobs to its Woburn plant.
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    7. Two New Projects Announced

      Congratulations are in order for officials who helped facilitate two announcements about business expansions in western Massachusetts this week. First, Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Greg Bialecki and Northampton Mayor Mary Claire Higgins put together a package of incentives to convince Coca Cola to expand its Northampton facility. The project represents a minimum investment of $33 Million according to Coke and will add at least 40 new permanent jobs and about 60 construction jobs. Northampton Economic Development Director Teri Anderson deserves credit for her efforts to ensure that the investment happened in Northampton.   Second, the Campanelli Companies announced ...
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    8. Downsizing at Callaway Golf will not cripple economy of Chicopee, city officials say

      Downsizing at Callaway Golf will not cripple economy of Chicopee, city officials say
      It will take time, but Blair said he believes Chicopee will attract other businesses. “Chicopee has done a lot of the right things. It is making major improvements in the infrastructure, the tax rate is under control and it has a pro-business government,” Blair said.
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    9. Study by National Skills Coalition, SkillWorks and the Workforce Solutions Group shows shift toward "middle skill" jobs

      Study by National Skills Coalition, SkillWorks and the Workforce Solutions Group shows shift toward "middle skill" jobs
      The next step is getting people trained to work the machine and making sure there is a pool of potential workers capable of grasping the high-tech skills required to operate an increasingly sophisticated array of machinery in area factories, says Joseph L. Peters, Universal Plastics’ president.
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    10. Prototype for Progress

      Prototype for Progress
      This is the main motivation behind the Pioneer Valley Precision Manufacturing Collaborative, or what Langevin described as an ambitious pilot program that involves four small area manufacturing outfits: Boulevard Machine & Gear and Thorn Industries, both in Springfield; Mechanical Drive Components Inc. (MDC) in Chicopee; and Creative Machining & Molding Corp. (CMMC) in Westfield.
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    11. Doing Business in: Easthampton

      Doing Business in: Easthampton
      Eric Snyder, director of the Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce, said there is still some manufacturing in the city of just around 16,000. “Physically, we are not a big community, so any new industry wouldn’t have access to a large footprint,” he explained. “So that asks the question of how do we get the smaller-scaled businesses in.”
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    12. Western Mass Firms Encounter Success at Medical Device Show

      Last week, I attended the Medical Design and Manufacturing (“MD&M”) conference in New York City. In addition to representing the region from a corporate attraction perspective, the EDC worked with the Precision Manufacturing Regional Alliance Project and Western Mass Electric Co/Northeast Utilit
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    13. Plant work may spur upgrade

      The city could get a big boost from the state toward replacing an aged wastewater pump if the local Coca Cola bottler gets the go-ahead from corporate headquarters to expand its operations. According to Northampton Economic and Community Development Coordinator Teri A. Anderson, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development has offered to pay 75 percent of the cost of replacing the pumping station on Bradford Street that serves the Industrial Park and some neighboring residential streets. Department of Public Works director Edward S. Huntley said the 30-year-old pump is nearing the end of its useful life and ...
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