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    1. BlueRISC Launches WindowsSCOPE Cyber Analysis Tool Suite for Windows

      BlueRISC Inc (http://www.bluerisc.com), a leader in hardware-assisted security systems that has leveraged a combination of its industry-unique security processor and software technologies to provide endpoint security for defense companies, has released WindowsSCOPE Pro 1.0 (http://www.windowsscope.com), its first commercial tool suite for reverse-engineering, cyber analysis and memory forensics on Windows based computers.
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    2. ‘Seemingly Bright’

      ‘Seemingly Bright’
      The recent Jeopardy! contests featuring IBM’s Watson computer was a success on a number of levels, from television ratings to exposure for IBM and its products. In a quieter fashion, the show and the computer have shed some light on what’s known as question-answering, or QA, technology, and the important work being done in this realm by UMass Amherst and its Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval, which is hard at work finding new and better ways to search materials, extract information, and help people make sense of the information they retrieve.
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    3. Stealthy Panève chips away at $3.5M funding round - Mass High Tech Business News

      Stealthy Western Mass. startup Panève LLC has landed $3.28 million of a planned $3.5 million funding round, according to federal documents. Panève is a chipmaker working on a flexible processing unit that can handle data, graphics or whatever it is programmed to do. Panève, based in Hadley, is run by CEO Steven Franks and President Jef Sharp.
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      Mentions: Qteros Inc. Panève
    4. Social network to employment network?

      Social network to employment network?
      A University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth study showed that 57 percent of the Inc. 500, a magazine list of fast-growing companies, use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, which supplanted the out-of-fashion Myspace. UMass-Dartmouth researchers found that 83 percent of the Inc. 500 use these social media in one form or another, either to market themselves, advertise or recruit.
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    5. IBM Announces Eight Universities Contributing to the Watson Computing System's Development

      IBM Announces Eight Universities Contributing to the Watson Computing System's Development
      Professor James Allan and his team of researchers from the University of Massachusetts are working on information retrieval, or text search. This important capability of QA technology is the first step taken: looking for and retrieving text that is most likely to contain accurate answers.
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    6. Plans on track to 'connect the unconnected' in central, western Massachusetts

      The Massachusetts Broadband Institute, established in a $40 million bond bill in 2008 to extend broadband service to communities with limited access or no access at all, on Wednesday outlined a plan to build 1,338 miles of broadband infrastructure across 120 western and central Massachusetts communities in the next two years
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    7. Western Massachusetts towns work to upgrade broadband Internet access

      Western Massachusetts towns work to upgrade broadband Internet access
      Sixteen towns in Franklin County, seven in Hampshire, three in Hampden and 21 in Berkshire have banded together to create a cooperative they are calling WiredWest, which plans to build and operate a community-owned, open-access broadband network in the member towns.
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    8. Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce to hold workshop for businesses on Internet security

      The Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce will hold a workshop on Tuesday titled “Information Security Seminar: What Every Business Needs to Know.” The event, which will have a moderator and speakers, is set for 8 to 11:30 a.m. at the MassMutual Conference Center, 350 Memorial Drive, in Chicopee.
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    9. Away in Geneva, the World Wide Web was born on Christmas Day

      Away in Geneva, the World Wide Web was born on Christmas Day
      Adrian, who now leads UMass’ efforts behind the Massachusetts Green High Speed Computer Center in Holyoke, was with the National Science Foundation back in the 19980s. They used the Internet which had already been developed as a durable command-and-control message system for the military then opened up to civilian researchers and corporations.
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    10. A Documented Success

      A Documented Success
      Ray Catougno didn’t graduate high school with plans to become a court reporter. But when opportunity knocked, he ran with it, and eventually founded a company that employs about 700 people nationwide, providing transcription services for the medical, legal, law-enforcement, and insurance fields.
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    11. Open Houses Coming Up at Springfield Incubator

      The EDC would like to inform you about three Open Houses coming up at the Scibelli Enterprise Center at the Springfield Technology Park. Details are below. The EDC encourages small business formation and we would be pleased to offer assistance to any firm or entrepreneur, along with the resources available at the Center. Growing Successful Small Businesses is the focus of several upcoming open houses at the Scibelli Enterprise Center at the STCC Technology Park in Springfield. Please join us on December 15, January 12, and February 9 from 12:00 – 1:00pm to learn about how the Enterprise Center ...
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