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    1. Closing the Digital Divide

      Closing the Digital Divide
      It’s called Massachusetts 123, or M123 for short, the project to bring high-speed broadband to every corner of the Commonwealth, including historically underserved Western Mass. The scale of the initiative is immense, and the challenges are numerous, but there will be clear and immediate rewards from bringing the entire state into the 21st century.
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    2. Western Massachusetts Broadband Expansion Moves Forward along with State ...

      The Massachusetts Broadband Institute, or MBI, a division of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, is currently in the process of constructing the MassBroadband 123 fiber-optic network; approximately 1,100 miles of cable connecting over 300,000 residents and over 40,000 businesses in 123 communities. Jason Whittet is deputy director of the Massachusetts Broadband Institute.
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    3. American Red Cross Pioneer Valley Chapter to take on national role helping military families

      American Red Cross Pioneer Valley Chapter to take on national role helping military families
      Sherri L. Brown, senior vice president for the American Red Cross Service to Armed Forces, stopped by Cottage Street on Tuesday to check in on training and give the staff a pep talk. The Pioneer Valley Chapter has gone from 22 employees handling calls from military families to 28 on its way to a full staff of 35.
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    4. Kofax to Acquire Atalasoft, a Leading Provider of Imaging Software Development Toolkits

      Commenting on the acquisition, Bill Bither, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Atalasoft, said: “We’re excited to now be part of Kofax, a proven leader in the capture market and natural fit for Atalasoft. The expanded resources and market reach now available to us will help expand our product offerings and innovate at a more rapid rate. I’m very happy to continue as the General Manager of Kofax’s Atalasoft business unit and along with the entire Atalasoft team remain fully committed to our end user customers and developer community.”
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    5. Innovation: How it really happens

      Innovation: How it really happens
      The chief point Gladwell is making is that it frequently is not the people who come up with a concept who successfully exploit it. It is often the second mover in the market, or even the third or fourth, who reaps the rewards and takes the glory. The mouse is not the only example Gladwell points to where Apple took an idea developed elsewhere and adapted is so well that people now forget that Apple was not the inventor of the concept. As he points out, Apple was not the first to offer an mp3 player or a smartphone, yet ...
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    6. Governor, AIM Announce Expanded BuyMass Initiative

      “We are very appreciative for the opportunity to meet with Raytheon and look forward to meeting with other Massachusetts companies to create business growth in the manufacturing sector. We can do business with global companies like Raytheon, but we just need someone to open the door and help us find the right people,” said Robert Klinger, President of Klinger Engineering in Whately.
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    7. Darwinian chase through search

      The Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts recently discovered that importance. The nonprofit corporation runs a news page on its site that curates content relevant to Western Massachusetts businesses via marketing software company HiveFire's Curata tool. Mike Graney, SVP of business development at the nonprofit, says he had been searching for a news story on a CEO in the region. 

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    8. Raytheon Meets Potential Suppliers at BuyMass Event in Springfield

      “The matchmaking event gives Raytheon the opportunity to find innovative and world-class suppliers in western Massachusetts while allowing companies here in the Valley to speak directly about their technologies and products to one of the world’s foremost companies,” said Allan Blair, President of the EDC.
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    9. Delcam's latest PartMaker to be demonstrated at EASTEC

      At EASTEC, PartMaker will be demonstrated alongside Delcam’s other leading edge manufacturing software products, including the PowerMILL, PowerSHAPE, FeatureCAM, ArtCAM and PowerINSPECT ranges. The Delcam booth will be the largest CAM booth at the exhibition, where the most comprehensive range of CAM products at the show will be on display.
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    10. Nanotech Roadmap Links Academia, Industry, Government

      It’s no accident that we use the roadmap imagery,” says Mark Tuominen, director of National Nanomanufacturing Network (NNN), part of the Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. “We played a leading role alongside several groups who felt that this needed to be done. We felt scientists, government and industry in the United States in particular should benefit from discussing needs, opportunities and directions for the future.
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    11. 30 New England IT degree programs

      Industry demands for a technically trained workforce are causing information technology programs at higher education institutions to grow in popularity, outpacing other academic programs, according to Catherine Kendrick, director of corporate and distance market development at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Interest in master’s degree programs for IT has also increased as the pipeline of IT undergraduate students has grown, she said.
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    12. Holyoke computing center partner Cisco Systems declares commitment regardless of problems

      Holyoke computing center partner Cisco Systems declares commitment regardless of problems
      “Cisco is fully committed to the Green High Performance Computing Center initiative in Holyoke. We are very excited about the project’s recent and upcoming milestones and we look forward to continued collaboration with all of the project’s partners to ensure its ultimate success,” Power wrote.
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    13. Massachusetts, South Korea heat up ties in life sciences - Mass High Tech Business News

      Governor Deval Patrick met with Mayor Oh Se-hoon of Seoul, South Korea. Additionally, the administration’s Secretary of Housing & Economic Development Greg Bialecki signed the MOU with Assistant Mayor for Economic Promotion Myunho Shin of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The agreement will identify opportunities for mutual job growth and research and development in the life sciences and technology sectors. It is also designed to increase trade and investment between the two governments, to establish contacts between research institutes and centers and develop joint vocational training and education initiatives.
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