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    1. Raytheon Meets Potential Suppliers at BuyMass Event in Springfield

      “The matchmaking event gives Raytheon the opportunity to find innovative and world-class suppliers in western Massachusetts while allowing companies here in the Valley to speak directly about their technologies and products to one of the world’s foremost companies,” said Allan Blair, President of the EDC.
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    2. Delcam's latest PartMaker to be demonstrated at EASTEC

      At EASTEC, PartMaker will be demonstrated alongside Delcam’s other leading edge manufacturing software products, including the PowerMILL, PowerSHAPE, FeatureCAM, ArtCAM and PowerINSPECT ranges. The Delcam booth will be the largest CAM booth at the exhibition, where the most comprehensive range of CAM products at the show will be on display.
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    3. Nanotech Roadmap Links Academia, Industry, Government

      It’s no accident that we use the roadmap imagery,” says Mark Tuominen, director of National Nanomanufacturing Network (NNN), part of the Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. “We played a leading role alongside several groups who felt that this needed to be done. We felt scientists, government and industry in the United States in particular should benefit from discussing needs, opportunities and directions for the future.
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    4. 30 New England IT degree programs

      Industry demands for a technically trained workforce are causing information technology programs at higher education institutions to grow in popularity, outpacing other academic programs, according to Catherine Kendrick, director of corporate and distance market development at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Interest in master’s degree programs for IT has also increased as the pipeline of IT undergraduate students has grown, she said.
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    5. Holyoke computing center partner Cisco Systems declares commitment regardless of problems

      Holyoke computing center partner Cisco Systems declares commitment regardless of problems
      “Cisco is fully committed to the Green High Performance Computing Center initiative in Holyoke. We are very excited about the project’s recent and upcoming milestones and we look forward to continued collaboration with all of the project’s partners to ensure its ultimate success,” Power wrote.
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    6. Massachusetts, South Korea heat up ties in life sciences - Mass High Tech Business News

      Governor Deval Patrick met with Mayor Oh Se-hoon of Seoul, South Korea. Additionally, the administration’s Secretary of Housing & Economic Development Greg Bialecki signed the MOU with Assistant Mayor for Economic Promotion Myunho Shin of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The agreement will identify opportunities for mutual job growth and research and development in the life sciences and technology sectors. It is also designed to increase trade and investment between the two governments, to establish contacts between research institutes and centers and develop joint vocational training and education initiatives.
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    7. Governor's trade mission: It's about long-term results

      Unfortunately, even before the delegation returned, the media began to question the value of missions in general, and this trip in particular. It appears that the sole criteria used by many to judge the success of this trip are the number of jobs produced at the end of two weeks. This is incredibly short-sighted and does not acknowledge the fact that economic development strategies must be designed for the long term.
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    8. Broadband grant will help 'last mile' - Berkshire Eagle Online

      A new grant opportunity from the Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI) aims to make it easier for service providers and municipalities to bridge the gap between a new fiber-optic network being built and the "last mile" of connection to homes and businesses. The competitive grants of up to $50,000 are open to a range of groups, public and private, from major service providers down to small municipalities. "We’re expecting to get applications from a number of potential providers, big and small, to make it fair and open to the largest possible pool that we could," said Jason Whittet, deputy ...
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    9. BlueRISC's WindowsSCOPE Cyber Analysis Tool Suite Enhanced with Phantom Probe Agent

      BlueRISC's WindowsSCOPE Cyber Analysis Tool Suite Enhanced with Phantom Probe Agent
      BlueRISC, a leader in hardware-assisted security and cyber-defense solutions, enhances its WindowsSCOPE™ (http://www.windowsscope.com) reverse-engineering, cyber analysis and defense, and memory forensics tool suite by adding the ability to analyze any computer on a network or Cloud transparently through its industry-unique Phantom Probe Agent™ technology.
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    10. Do You Have What Raytheon Wants?

      Associated Industries of Massachusetts (“AIM”) manages the Buy Mass program and website for the Commonwealth. AIM and the EDC have been working on a new program for Buy Mass, which will connect small and medium-sized local firms with large OEM’s in the state. The first OEM to participate will be Raytheon, which will send a team of Purchasing executives to Springfield on May 5. The EDC is tasked with identifying and inviting firms from western Mass to apply for inclusion in the program. Any interested firm should review the invitation -- http://www.aimnet.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=Home_Page ...
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    11. Editorial: Broadband a spark for region's economy

      Editorial: Broadband a spark for region's economy
      U.S. Rep. Richard E. Neal, D-Springfield - who along with U.S. Rep. John W. Olver, D-Amherst was instrumental in securing the federal funding for the expansion - hailed the project bringing the region into the big leagues. “Why should a child in the Boston suburbs have access to more electronic data than a child in the hill towns of Hampshire and Franklin counties,” Neal said.
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    12. Springfield to partner with Massachusetts Broadband Institute on MassBroadband 123 high-speed Internet

      Springfield to partner with Massachusetts Broadband Institute on MassBroadband 123 high-speed Internet
      It’s all part of MassBroadband 123, a $71.6 million-project aimed at bringing high-speed Internet to 120 communities in western and north central Massachusetts, said Judith A. Dumont, director of the Massachusetts Broadband Institute.
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    13. BlueRISC Launches WindowsSCOPE Cyber Analysis Tool Suite for Windows

      BlueRISC Inc (http://www.bluerisc.com), a leader in hardware-assisted security systems that has leveraged a combination of its industry-unique security processor and software technologies to provide endpoint security for defense companies, has released WindowsSCOPE Pro 1.0 (http://www.windowsscope.com), its first commercial tool suite for reverse-engineering, cyber analysis and memory forensics on Windows based computers.
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    14. ‘Seemingly Bright’

      ‘Seemingly Bright’
      The recent Jeopardy! contests featuring IBM’s Watson computer was a success on a number of levels, from television ratings to exposure for IBM and its products. In a quieter fashion, the show and the computer have shed some light on what’s known as question-answering, or QA, technology, and the important work being done in this realm by UMass Amherst and its Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval, which is hard at work finding new and better ways to search materials, extract information, and help people make sense of the information they retrieve.
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