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    1. Not Business as Usual

      Not Business as Usual
      Thomas Burton, president and CEO at Hampden Bank, says his residential mortgage department is holding its own due to refinancing. “Rates are below 5%, which is unheard of in the course of my 40 year career,” he said. “But one of the issues many people have is that the value of their home isn’t what they think it is, and they don’t have the equity to refinance because their home is worth less than what they owe.” As a result, Burton said Hampden has only been able to close about 50% of applications for refinancing.
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    2. MassMutual Helps Families Navigate Laws, Government Programs That Impact Care ...

      "We are so firmly committed to getting special needs families the life care planning help they need that we are underwriting the curriculum development of the CSNC designation with the American College," said Joanne Gruszkos, founder and director of MassMutual's SpecialCare program. "MassMutual is working with The American College because it is the unquestioned leader in financial education."
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    3. Greenfield Savings Bank Focuses on Economic Development

      Greenfield Savings Bank Focuses on Economic Development
      So the bank, working with institutions ranging from the Economic Development Council of Western Mass. to Greenfield Community College, spearheaded a unique development model that brought together about six property owners, representing more than a dozen buildings, who are using tax-credit financing, facilitated by GSB, to fund renovations of the vacant sites. “It wouldn’t have been cost-effective to do something like that on their own,” Caplice said.
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    4. NewAlliance and First Niagara Will Combine to Create a Top-25 U.S. Bank With More ...

      NewAlliance has $8.7 billion in assets, including $4.9 billion in loans, as well as $5.1 billion in deposits. Its 88 branches serve eight counties from Greenwich, Connecticut to Springfield, Massachusetts. Currently, First Niagara serves communities across Upstate New York, Western Pennsylvania including Pittsburgh, and Eastern Pennsylvania from the Philadelphia suburbs to Allentown, Pennsylvania.
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    5. Viewpoint: Finance reform law strikes proper balance | masslive.com

      Viewpoint: Finance reform law strikes proper balance | masslive.com
      Overall, we support the financial services reforms that President Barack Obama signed into law this week. We also praise the efforts of our legislators who worked hard to help ensure this bill struck the right balance of protecting consumers, fostering efficient and competitive markets, and enabling companies like ours to best serve our customers.
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    6. EDC Banking Sector Roundtable

      The EDC met with several bankers from the region, hosted by Dale Janes from Nuvo Bank, in a continuation of our Industry Sector series. The bankers expressed concern about the continued softness in the commercial real estate sector, which they expect to remain depressed until unemployment rebounds.
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