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    1. The brain gain -- Retaining our precious talent - Mass High Tech Business News

      The brain gain -- Retaining our precious talent - Mass High Tech Business News
      Economic growth and its resulting jobs are driven by innovation. Innovation comes from talented people. Last year, CNBC named Massachusetts the No. 1 state in education and No. 2 in access to capital. We must work together and do everything possible to earn the No. 1 spot in retaining talent as well. Our success, and the future success of the ...
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    2. Covidien kicks off PAD studies in Europe

      Covidien said its Definitive AR anti-restenosis study is enrolling patients at Imelda Hospital in Bonheiden, Belgium. Definitive AR is a pilot study designed to address restenosis, which is the narrowing of a blood vessel in patients with PAD, and will look at the impact of treating a diseased vessel with plaque excision prior to the use of a drug-coated balloon. The study will focus on whether removing calcified plaque will enhance the absorption of drugs delivered by a drug-coated balloon.
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    3. Conducting Properties in Bacterial Nanowires Discovered

      Lead microbiologist Derek Lovley with physicists Mark Tuominen, Nikhil Malvankar and colleagues, say networks of bacterial filaments, known as microbial nanowires because they conduct electrons along their length, can move charges as efficiently as synthetic organic metallic nanostructures, and they do it over remarkable distances, thousands of times the bacterium’s length.
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    4. Trade groups gain feds’ ear - BostonHerald.com

      Trade groups gain feds’ ear - BostonHerald.com
      CEOs of Massachusetts biotech and medical device companies who have had issues with new federal policies will gain direct access to the commissioner of their chief regulatory agency today. U.S. Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) will accompany Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg to two roundtables in Boston. “Massachusetts is...
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    5. Raising money and scraping by - BostonHerald.com

      Raising money and scraping by - BostonHerald.com
      Amherst-based Therapeutic Systems — which in May launched its wearable Vayu vest that’s designed to help soothe autistic children — has raised $325,000 in initial seed-round funding in addition to $66,500 in prize and grant money. As one of 125 finalists in MassChallenge, its two executives hope not only to win some of the start-up comp...
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    6. MassChallenge finalist pumped up by autism vest

      MassChallenge finalist pumped up by autism vest
      Mullen co-developed the vest’s DeePAD technology, which is licensed from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. It’s based on research started when he was earning a master’s degree in mechanical engineering there and continued during Ph.D. studies. The vest, which sells for $2,000 and comes in three sizes, is fabricated by medical device manufacturer Dielectrics Inc. in Chicopee. It has a removable hand pump that allows the child, his parent, occupational therapist or other caregiver to inflate or deflate the internal vest “bladder” to apply the desired level of deep pressure to the child.
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    7. The Vision Project

      The Vision Project
      There are many moving parts to the state Department of Higher Education’s Vision Project, but the bottom line is jobs, or, to be more precise, properly preparing individuals for the jobs that define a new, technology-centered economy. The Vision Project aligns all 29 public colleges and universities behind seven identified goals — from improving graduation rates to getting more people into math and science fields — and adds several layers of accountability.
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    8. EDC Supports Massachusetts Activities at BIO Convention

      I attended the Biotechnology International Organization (“BIO”) Convention in Washington DC last week. The EDC has been part of the Massachusetts delegation at this convention for a decade.  While there is always some advantage to us to be part of the Massachusetts team, we have cut back on other trade shows where western Mass does not have a significant industry presence. But we retain our participation at BIO for several reasons. First, we still believe in the promise of the Massachusetts Life Science Center (“LSC”). The LSC was created to manage the $1 billion Mass Life Science Initiative, announced by ...
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    9. Mass. officials unveil life sciences partnerships

      Under the agreement, three participating state agencies -- the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center -- will be committing nearly $1 million to projects with an Israeli partner that has yet to be chosen. Israel will provide up to $1 million in matching funds for the projects. Massachusetts is the first US state to enter into such an agreement with Israel, which has large life sciences and technology sectors.
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    10. Amarantus BioSciences Announces Partnership Agreement With Generex Biotechnology

      Amarantus BioSciences Announces Partnership Agreement With Generex Biotechnology
      Amarantus BioSciences, Inc. ("Amarantus"), a biotechnology company developing first-in-class, disease-modifying treatments that address an underlying cause of cell death known as apoptosis, today announced a licensing agreement under which Amarantus will in-license Generex Biotechnology, Inc.'s ("Generex") drug delivery technologies in all therapeutic areas, excluding diabetes mellitus, where Generex and Amarantus will pursue a joint research collaboration.
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    11. DOE awards Early Career Awards to 11 New England researchers

      The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded five-year Early Career Awards, all worth at least $150,000, to 67 recipients nationally, including 11 New England researchers. The grants came from the DOE’s Office of Science and are designed to support researchers early in their careers and focused in areas of interest to the DOE.
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    12. Massachusetts, South Korea heat up ties in life sciences - Mass High Tech Business News

      Governor Deval Patrick met with Mayor Oh Se-hoon of Seoul, South Korea. Additionally, the administration’s Secretary of Housing & Economic Development Greg Bialecki signed the MOU with Assistant Mayor for Economic Promotion Myunho Shin of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The agreement will identify opportunities for mutual job growth and research and development in the life sciences and technology sectors. It is also designed to increase trade and investment between the two governments, to establish contacts between research institutes and centers and develop joint vocational training and education initiatives.
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    13. Study: Medical devices manufacturing shifting to lower cost locations - Mass High Tech Business News

      Boyd agreed that western Massachusetts has a lower cost of living than the Boston area and it has access to Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Conn. “We think western Massachusetts has a chance, with access to intellectual capital at a fraction of the cost and to Bradley,” he said.
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    14. Israeli firm EarlySense to open U.S. headquarters in Mass.

      Israeli firm EarlySense to open U.S. headquarters in Mass.
      Patrick embarked on the Massachusetts Innovation Economy Partnership Mission 2011 in March to fuse relationships and talk about new investments and partnerships in Israel and the United Kingdom. He was joined on his trip by Susan Windham-Bannister, president and CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, who spoke to Mass High Tech on a separate subject of attracting businesses, including Israeli life sciences companies, to western Massachusetts. “Israel has a strong life sciences cluster, especially in medical devices, which is suited to the western part of the state,” she said.
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    15. Editorial: Plan to use $1.5 million from Rays of Hope Walk for breast cancer research good news for Western Massachusetts

      Editorial: Plan to use $1.5 million from Rays of Hope Walk for breast cancer research good news for Western Massachusetts
      The foundation announced this week that it will use $1.5 million from the Rays of Hope to help establish a breast cancer research center at the nine-year-old Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute at 3601 Main St. The center, which will be known as the Rays of Hope Center for Breast Cancer Research, is a collaboration between Baystate Medical Center and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
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    16. Mass. state agencies, local companies shoot to make a splash at BIO show - Mass High Tech Business News

      “BIO is our best opportunity to interact with international biotech companies. We are looking for prospects that are ready to open or expand their U.S. presence, and we want them to locate in Massachusetts,” said Angus G. McQuilken, vice president for communications with the MLSC. “This year’s BIO also provides us with a great opportunity to promote the 2012 show, which will be in Boston
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    17. Governor's trade mission: It's about long-term results

      Unfortunately, even before the delegation returned, the media began to question the value of missions in general, and this trip in particular. It appears that the sole criteria used by many to judge the success of this trip are the number of jobs produced at the end of two weeks. This is incredibly short-sighted and does not acknowledge the fact that economic development strategies must be designed for the long term.
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    18. Western Massachusetts: the next life sciences hub?

      Windham-Bannister was a speaker at the forum along with Allan W. Blair, president and CEO of the Economic Development Council of western Massachusetts, and Abigail Barrow, founding director of Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center. The forum also included local businesspeople and Smith faculty.
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    19. Clean energy grants worth $160K awarded by MassCEC, MTTC - Mass High Tech Business News

      • Bart Lipkens, Western New England College’s Mechanical Engineering Department, “Ultrasound and Acoustophoresis Technology for the Collection and Processing of Oleaginous Microorganisms for the Production of Bio-oils.” From MassCEC: The funding will help researchers develop a laboratory-sized prototype that uses ultrasound and acoustophoresis technology to produce biofuels from micro-algae. The system involves the harvesting of micro-algae, the production of biofuel from the algae, and the concentration and separation of the biofuel.
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    20. March 31 Summit to Explore Potential For Life Sciences Cluster in Western ...

      Recognizing the importance of the life sciences to the economic development of Western Massachusetts, Smith College, in partnership with the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center and a number of the region’s higher education and industry leaders, will host a half-day summit on March 31 featuring key figures in this important sector of the state’s economy.
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