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    1. UMass Researcher Sees Dollar Signs

      UMass Researcher Sees Dollar Signs
      This year UMass President Jack Wilson awarded $175,000 partitioned in seven $25,000 grants to UMass researchers to turn technologies developed at UMass labs into commercial products. These grants were awarded through the Commercial Ventures and Intellectual Properties (CVIP) Technology Development Fund created by Wilson in 2004.
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    2. MassDevelopment.com: Press Room: MassDevelopment Names New Brownfields Priority Project Communities: Boston, Chelmsford, New Bedford, Springfield Eligible for $2 Million Each to Remediate, Market Key Sites

      MassDevelopment today announced that four municipally-owned properties have been selected for low-cost loans of up to $2 million under the agency's Brownfields Priority Project Program (P-cubed). The sites are located in Boston, Chelmsford, New Bedford and Springfield.
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