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    1. Consultants Forum

      Explore From the EDC (Jun 8 2012)

      I attended the Consultants Forum last week, a semi-annualconference hosted by Area Development magazine, an economic development tradepublication. The Forum features 10-12 site consultants who present on topics ofinterest to economic developers. It is a good opportunity to stay abreast ofcurrent trends in the US and globally and an important opportunity to inform(or remind) the consultants about the advantages of western Massachusetts, NewEngland’s Knowledge Corridor© and New England. While the presentations were wide-ranging, one theme emergedabove all others. Site Selection is becoming more and more about a globalcompetition for talent, whether at the PhD, college grad, community college ... (Read Full Article)

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    2. AIM Executive Forums

      Explore From the EDC (Jun 6 2012)

      AIM Executive Forums

      Employer Stories:

      Five Steps Your Company Can Take Now to Control Health Costs Every employer wants to contain health costs, but how? What are the best practices being used by other Massachusetts companies? What are the pitfalls?

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    3. Advanced Manufacturing: The University Bridge to Innovation

      Explore From the EDC (May 17 2012)

      Advanced Manufacturing: The University Bridge to Innovation

      Throughout our state and region, not to mention at the national level, there's currently a strong push for job creation and investment in Advanced Manufacturing. Here in Western Massachusetts we have many globally competitive companies doing what would be considered advanced manufacturing, but even for them and for many others, climbing the value chain and adopting innovative practices and technical solutions takes resources beyond their own team. Increasingly this leads to working with universities.

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      Explore From the EDC (Apr 19 2012)


      Strong headwinds remain in place to inhibit Foreign DirectInvestment, but these strategies open our region to new opportunities for limited inward investment, as well as to create new market opportunities for our companies.

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    5. From a rented basement office, to a leading financial institution, Hampden Bank celebrates its 160th anniversary.

      Explore From the EDC (Mar 30 2012)

      From a rented basement office, to a leading financial institution, Hampden Bank celebrates its 160th anniversary.

      On April 13, 1852 Hampden Savings Bank was officially chartered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to serve the workers of the Western Railroad. From a rented office space in the basement of the then Agawam National Bank on the corner of Lyman and Main Street, and in accordance with a decree from the Massachusetts Great and General Court to locate “within twenty-five rods of the Western Railroad passenger depot, Hampden Savings Bank began operations .

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    6. EDC to Present Specialized Manufacturing Event

      Explore From the EDC (Mar 23 2012)

      The EDC is pleased to announcethat we will host the second event in our Growth Sector series, “Understandingthe Supply Chain in Specialty Manufacturing”. The series is presented by FirstNiagara Bank. We appreciate the collaboration of the Connecticut and WesternMass chapters of the National Tooling and Machining Association. Here is a linkto the invitation -- http://www.westernmassedc.com/manufacturing2012/   This event will be heldat the Robert E. Morris Company of Windsor CT, which is presenting our keynotespeaker, Kym Nelson, Principal of KLEW Company. Kym is a nationally recognized supplychain consultant and previously managed the global supply chain for Proctor& Gamble. She ...

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    7. Springfield School Superintendent Search Committee

      Explore From the EDC (Mar 22 2012)

      I submitted an application to serve on the Search Committee toadvise the Springfield School Committee on its choice of a new Superintendentof Schools. I attended a meeting of all applicants last night at Central HighSchool. Following a presentation by a representative of the MassachusettsAssociation of School Committees (which has been retained by the School Committeefor advice on the process), each applicant was allowed one minute to introducehim- or herself to the School Committee. The applicants represented business,civic, educational and cultural leaders in our City. In a word, I was “impressed”.As person after person stood up to introduce themselves ...

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    8. EDC position on Community College Legislation

      Explore From the EDC (Mar 20 2012)

      The Western Massachusetts Economic Development Council (EDC) firmly believes that the extensive changes to our community college system proposed in “outside section #30” of the Governor’s budget (House Bill #2) are inappropriate and unnecessary. We are concerned that this is another example of the “what’s good for Boston is good for the state” mentality that consistently results in uneven economic growth around the Commonwealth. To the extent that the issue needs to be debated at all, we believe that it demands a more thorough debate than can be accomplished during consideration of the budget. We therefore urge that ...

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      Mentions:   Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts

    9. International Trade Grants Available for Small Businesses

      Explore From the EDC (Mar 20 2012)

      The Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment (“MOITI”) recentlyannounced the details of the State Trade and Export Promotion (“STEP”) grant programfor the Commonwealth. The program is wide ranging – subsidies up to $10,000 percompany (must be a “small business” as defined by the SBA) are available forattending international trade shows, participating in trade missions, a varietyof B2B opportunities, regulatory approvals from international jurisdictions andadvertising in international publications, among other possibilities. There aretwo application periods – from now until April 2 and from April 16 – May 15. Moredetails about the program and the application form can be found here – http://www ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Michael Graney   Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts

    10. Grants Available to Companies Involved in International Business Development and Trade

      Explore From the EDC (Mar 8 2012)

      The EDC and MOITI will host an informational forum for interested companies on Wednesday, March 14 at 5:00 in the TD Bank Community Room, 1441 Main Street, Springfield. Please contact Karen Tetreault at k.tetreault@westernmassedc.com or 413-233-9851 if you plan to attend.


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      Explore From the EDC (Mar 1 2012)


      The Video Gaming industry is growing in Massachusetts. Video gaming represents a $2 billion dollar industry and employs almost 4,000 people across the state

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      Mentions:   Hampshire College

    12. EDC Continues Trade Show Support for Western Mass Firms

      Explore From the EDC (Feb 26 2012)

      The EDC has continued our partnership with Team New England(primarily supported by Northeast Utilities) to host regional firms at industrytrade shows. Earlier this month, four western Mass firms – Hoppe Technologies,Peerless Precision, Pittsfield Plastics and Cavallero Plastics -- joined DaveDriver from NU and Mike Graney from the EDC at the west coast Medical Designand Manufacturing (“MD&M) show, the largest of the many MD&M showsaround the U.S. At least a dozen other firms from the region exhibited there,in addition to national or multinational firms with a regional presence likeCovidien, Bayer, UPG and Pelican. The EDC and NU ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Northeast Utilities   Michael Graney   Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts

    13. Maybury Material Handling Receives Industry Award

      Explore From the EDC (Feb 17 2012)

      Maybury Material Handling Receives Industry Award

      Maybury Material Handling has been awarded MVP (Most Valuable Partner) Status for 2011 in a new program from the Industry's trade association, MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association).

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      Mentions:   John Maybury   Maybury Material Handling

    14. News Release - - Electric Rates for Commercial and Industrial Customers to Decline in 2nd Quarter

      Explore From the EDC (Feb 15 2012)

      News Release - - Electric Rates for Commercial and Industrial Customers to Decline in 2nd Quarter

      SPRINGFIELD, Mass., February 14, 2012 - Medium and large commercial and industrial (C&I) customers who take basic service from Western Massachusetts Electric Company (WMECo) will see their electric supply rates decline beginning in April.

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    15. Growth Industry Sector Series Kicks Off with Photonics Event

      Explore From the EDC (Feb 10 2012)

      The EDC hosted, and First Niagara Bank sponsored, the firstevent in our Industry Sector series, “New Market Opportunities for Photonicsand Fiber Optics Companies” at the Springfield Technology Park earlier thisweek. Photonics company executives from six states constituted the majority ofthe 75 attendees. Five industry speakers provided case studies of howcompanies, large and small, have found new uses for technology to navigate andprosper in this rapidly changing industry. The Western Mass firms in attendancehad the chance to network with their peers from around the northeast and to seehow their technologies can support some of these new initiatives.    The Photonics event was ... (Read Full Article)

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    16. Register for Photonics Industry Sector Presentation

      Explore From the EDC (Jan 31 2012)

      The EDC wants to remind you to register for “New Market Opportunities for Photonics and Fiber Optics Companies”, the first in a series of seminars focused on growth opportunities in manufacturing sectors in western Massachusetts. The session will be held on Tuesday, February 7 from 4:00-6:30 at the Springfield Technology Park. More information can be found in the invitation -- http://www.westernmassedc.com/photonics2012/   The speakers have been confirmed. In addition to Keynote Speaker John Jay from Corning Optical Fiber (previously announced), the industry panelists will be Mike Toro from Schott, Pieter Schwarzenbach from Prima Electro, Flemming Tinker ...

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    17. Final Rebuild Springfield Meeting Slated for January 31

      Explore From the EDC (Jan 25 2012)

      Final Rebuild Springfield Meeting Slated for January 31   The EDC would like to encourage everyone to attend the final meeting of Rebuild Springfield, scheduled for Tuesday, January 31 from 6:30-8:00 PM at St. Anthony’s Social Center, 375 Island Pond Road. Rebuild Springfield has been an extensive process coordinated by Develop Springfield and the Springfield Redevelopment Authority. The initial focus was on rebuilding neighborhoods that were devastated by the June 1 tornado, but the process has morphed into a city-wide development strategy. If you want more information, please visit the Rebuild Springfield website -- http://rebuildspringfield.com/   (Read Full Article)

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    18. EDC to Host Industry Sector Series

      Explore From the EDC (Jan 12 2012)

        The EDC will host “New Market Opportunities for Photonics and Fiber Optics Companies” on Tuesday, February 7, 2012, at 4:00 at the Springfield Technology Park. This will be the first in a series of presentations to be scheduled over the next several months focused on opportunities for manufacturing clusters we have identified as having growth potential for the region. Here is a link to the invitation, including RSVP information -- http://www.westernmassedc.com/photonics2012/ The series was spawned by the “Economic Development and Business Attraction Planning” report completed by CWS Consulting Group -- http://www.westernmassedc.com/cwsreport/ -- with the ... (Read Full Article)

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    19. European Business Prospects

      Explore From the EDC (Jan 8 2012)

        For the last few years, I have represented the EDC and the region on business development trips to Europe, typically with the support and participation of Northeast Utilities/Western Mass Electric Co and as part of delegations representing the Commonwealth and New England’s Knowledge Corridor©. My most recent visit was during November 2011. The headlines about the sovereign debt crisis and related banking sector issues gave me pause that this visit might not be productive. But the reality was exactly the opposite, as I met with more total, as well as higher quality, prospects than any other year.   Part ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Northeast Utilities   Knowledge Corridor   Allan W. Blair

    20. Municipal Economic Development Announcements

      Explore From the EDC (Dec 20 2011)

        There have been two significant announcements about municipal economic development positions in western Mass within the last week. First, Teri Anderson, Community and Economic Development Director for the City of Northampton, announced that she is leaving to accept a position with Common Capital, formerly Western Mass Enterprise Fund. Teri had an outstanding career in Northampton. She worked with the EDC on a number of projects including Village Hill, the Three County Fairgrounds and the formation of the Northampton Business Improvement District. In addition, she played an important role on the Economic Development Partners, providing cogent advice for the region while ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Common Capital   Springfield   Northampton

    21. Holyoke clean energy innovation workshop

      Explore From the EDC (Nov 10 2011)

      Holyoke clean energy workshop,held on Nov 9/10, gathered engineers,entrepreneurs,policy makers,researchers,and educators to discuss  and identify test bed opportunities in Holyoke, and look for collaborations and connections for federal funding partnerships, investment,entrepreneurial activity and research in clean energy. (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Holyoke

    22. “Partnering and R&D with Department of Defense Laboratories”

      Explore From the EDC (Oct 19 2011)

      On  October 28th, the Economic Development Council of Western Mass. will host Captain Paul Stewart, Commanding Officer of the Naval Research Laboratory, head quartered in Washington, DC.  Capt Stewart will provide small businesses, academics and industry the opportunity to connect and collaborate into the Department of Defense Laboratory system.    (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Holyoke Community College   Holyoke   Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts

    23. Investment News

      Explore From the EDC (Oct 14 2011)

      Investment News  On Friday, October 7, 2011, officials from Gulfstream Aerospace, a division of General Dynamics, announced that they have chosen Barnes Municipal Airport in Westfield as the new site for a $23 million maintenance facility for their new ultra long-range G650 corporate jet. The new facility will employ 100 people, in addition to the 130 people already employed by Gulfstream in Westfield. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Westfield Mayor Daniel Knapik hailed the announcement. Knapik added that “this is just the beginning” as the City plans to develop an aviation business park adjacent to the airport. Gulfstream President for Product Support ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Governor Deval L. Patrick   General Dynamics   Westfield

    24. EDC Assesses Regional Competitiveness

      Explore From the EDC (Oct 14 2011)

        The EDC commissioned CWS Consulting Group to assess ten regional industry sectors for growth and investment potential. CWS used the western Mass section of a 2008 statewide study by Moran Stahl & Boyer commissioned by the Massachusetts Alliance for Economic Development (“MassEcon”) as its starting point and assessed changes and opportunities that have arisen since then. This study achieved two objectives for us. It addressed our competitiveness against a regional peer group and it helped us improve our understanding of the internal workings of the sectors as part of our Homefield Advantage program. The study identified regional competitive advantages in the ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Massachusetts Office of Business Development   Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts   Homefield Advantage

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