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    1. EDC Workforce Group Interacts with Springfield Superintendent of Schools

      EDC Workforce Group Interacts with Springfield Superintendent of Schools

      The Workforce Group had many questions for Dan, particularly
      about the schools’ interaction with the business community. Many members offered
      support and Dan’s team shared this list of ways that business people could help
      our kids – http://www.westernmassedc.com/springfieldpublicschools/

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    2. Regional Business Opportunities from Paris Air Show

      Regional Business Opportunities from Paris Air Show

      But we also joined with the Hartford-Springfield Economic
      Partnership and the State of Connecticut in a lead generation initiative for
      New England’s Knowledge Corridor©. We met with over 20 international companies (from
      France, Germany, Austria, Norway, Israel, Italy, even Liechtenstein) that have
      an interest in the US market.

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    3. Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Funds Two Grants for Western Mass

      Yesterday, Governor Deval Patrick and other luminaries announced that the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (“MLSC”) will fund a $95 Million project at UMass and a $5.5 Million project at Baystate Health. Although ten speakers weighed in on this yesterday at the press conference, none told the beginning of the story.

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    4. 12th Annual State of the Region Conference Slated for June 7

      The Hartford-Springfield Economic Partnership’s 2013 State of the Region Conference will be held on
      Friday, June 7, from 7:45 to 10:45 a.m. at the Marriott Hotel in Windsor, Conn.  

      This year’s speakers include a nationally recognized authority on how
      to thrive in the New Economy, public officials from both states and economic development leaders from UConn and UMass. The EDC encourages you to sign up
      to attend this lively, informative and FREE event.

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    5. Promoting the Western Mass Aerospace Industry

      We hope that we receive a robust response as we want to be
      able to showcase how robust our cluster is when we meet with numerous
      international aerospace companies and officials in Paris. We will use the booklet
      to point out our firms’ specific capabilities, the overall capacity of our
      cluster and to attract companies who want a US supply chain.

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    6. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Roundtable

      Innovation and Entrepreneurship Roundtable

      The EDC wishes to acknowledge Steve Davis from Ventry
      Associates and the Davis Foundation, who recently agreed to chair the EDC’s new
      Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee. Steve attended today’s roundtable,
      along with leaders from our university, business and entrepreneurial

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    7. Bradley International - American Airlines Announcement

      Following the exciting news last week about American Airlines instituting nonstop service to Los Angeles from Bradley, I want to thank all of the members of the business community who have continuously helped our efforts to attract new air service which is critical to our region’s needs.  We are working diligently on securing additional markets and increasing capacity, and have tailored our efforts to meet your air service requests.

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    8. Report on FDI Forum

      Report on FDI Forum

      Over 75% of inbound FDI into the US comes from
      eight countries -- six in Western Europe, Canada and Japan. The EDC maintains relationships
      with our peers and government officials in all of them, and particularly strong
      relationships in all of them except Japan. They are a growing source of leads
      for our Prospect Management system.

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    9. Creating Agile, Sustainable and Purpose - Focused Organizations

      Creating Agile, Sustainable and Purpose - Focused Organizations

      Experience and explore a real-world-tested social technology for agile and purposeful organization at a “Taster Event” sponsored by Leadership Pioneer Valley, UMASS Family Business Center and Bredenberg Associates. It will be held on Friday, April 19 from 1-5 at UMASS Continuing and Professional Education classroom at 100 Venture Way, Hadley, MA.  This thorough and experiential introduction to Holacracy® by the pioneer of the method, Brian Robertson, is a fast-paced, concise “taste” in a single session.  The program is designed for business leaders, consultants, boards of directors and community organizers.

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    10. Massachusetts Get Your Business Online with Google

      Massachusetts Get Your Business Online with Google

      The EDC is partnering with Google to offer a free training for small business on how to take your business from offline to online on April 15 at the Springfield Marriott. Google will provide guidance on how to build a free website, register a domain name and create an online business listing.

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    11. EDC Promotes Western Mass Presence at Paris Air Show

      EDC Promotes Western Mass Presence at Paris Air Show

      Although space was officially “sold out” in the US pavilion,
      the EDC was able to acquire a space for three companies. We agreed to
      coordinate the administration of the Massachusetts Pavilion and Hoppe
      Technologies (Chicopee), Aimtek (Auburn) and Westfield Electroplating will join
      us representing our aerospace manufacturing cluster.

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    12. EDC and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Collaborate on Shared Service Center Initiative

      EDC and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Collaborate on Shared Service Center Initiative

      The EDC and state officials including Secretary of Housing
      and Economic Development Greg Bialecki, supported by Governor Deval Patrick,
      are touting western Mass advantages for Shared Service Centers, Call Centers
      and other back office space. The EDC organized a roundtable in Boston on March
      12 when Secretary Bialecki made his pitch to regional site selectors and
      brokers. We can present a general pitch or one tailored to a firm’s specific
      needs at your request. Senior public and private sector officials will be
      available to host any prospect.

      Our primary corporate targets are Financial Services firms,
      but our assets are ...

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    13. International Prospect Activity Increasing

      International Prospect Activity Increasing

      The EDC has maintained an international business development
      initiative focused on western Europe. We initially focused on inbound FDI and,
      while that remains a core objective, we are currently managing more requests
      for trans-Atlantic partnerships, joint ventures and contract manufacturing for
      the North America market. We sell the region’s companies and industry sectors
      as much as we sell the region as a strategic location. With risk sentiment
      still running high on both sides of the Atlantic, classic Greenfield FDI (and
      Greenfield investment inside the US, for that matter) is limited. But our
      pipeline has been filling with opportunistic European ...

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    14. The EDC on the Road

      The EDC on the Road

      EDC Senior VP Mike Graney will represent western
      Massachusetts at several conferences and trade shows during 2013. Please
      contact Mike at 413-755-1300 or m.graney@westernmassedc.com
      if you want to discuss our Shared Service Center initiative, international
      business development opportunities or any other interest in western
      Massachusetts. Of course, we are always pleased to host companies and consultants
      in Springfield, too.

      April 14-16                 Consultants Forum FDI               St. Louis

      April 22-25               BIO International Convention     Chicago

      May 13-15                  Plastics in Medical Devices        Boston (Waltham)

      June 17-21                 Paris Air Show

      September 23-26    Adva Med                                     Washington

      November 20-22     Medica                                          Düsseldorf

      December 2-4 ...

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    15. The EDC and the Commonwealth Host Financial Services Roundtable

      The EDC worked with the Mass Office of Business Development
      to hone the value proposition for our region and Secretary Bialecki made a
      cogent presentation to the consultants yesterday. Boston and New York are our
      top target markets because we add the advantage of management proximity to our
      core upside of a productive workforce at substantial cost savings compared to
      those markets

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