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    MGM Springfield culinary team preps for mass hiring Western Massachusetts hospitality workers named finalists for 2018 Howdy Awards Amherst, Hampshire, Smith join college solar energy collaborative 'Opportunity Zones' designation could spur Westfield Urban Renewal Panel Discussion to Focus on HCC’s Role in Valley’s Future Valley Opportunity Council wants to hire low-income and at-risk youth for summer Afghan girls education advocate Shabana Basij-Rasikh to speak at Springfield Public Forum April 25 | masslive.com Westfield State University partners with UMass on law program From Lenox to Nantucket, 36 Massachusetts communities get state energy efficiency grants;... Gov. Charlie Baker looks to spur investments in Springfield, other 'Opportunity Zone'... Mayor Reichelt: West Springfield zoning changes could make city 'more exciting' for developers, beer-brewing companies Westfield's special permitting process could be revamped