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    Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bidding Opportunity for Tradespersons Holyoke Community College STEM Scholarship Deadline Is July 15 Silverbrick LLC receives 1st approval to renovate Cabotville Mills in Chicopee People's United Bank buys Farmington Bank in $544 million deal MGM Springfield reveals Regal Cinemas will run luxury movie theater at its $960 million... Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield shows off renovated facility (photos, video) Myers Information Systems moving from Northampton to Westfield with plans to expand It Takes 2 Bakery opening Saturday in Westfield Putnam teen creates winning name, logo for new Springfield Schools culinary program... Massachusetts House passes health care bill to help community hospitals UMass Amherst tuition costs held at bay by efficiency, spokeswoman says Relocation of ex-Yankee Pedlar building scheduled in Holyoke with viewing areas arranged...