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    1. Builders Benefit from a Boom in Auto-dealership Construction

      Builders Benefit from a Boom in Auto-dealership Construction

      Balise has been renovating and expanding in the area, most recently with a new Hyundai dealership on Columbus Avenue in Springfield, but with several new facilities over the past decade. Meanwhile, the Lia Auto Group has built and renovated new stores across the Pioneer Valley, as have TommyCar Auto Group in Hampshire and Franklin counties, Sarat Ford Lincoln in Agawam, Marcotte Ford in Holyoke, and Fathers & Sons in West Springfield, just to name a few.  “Part of it is the growth of the industry,” added Eric Forish, president of Forish Construction in Westfield, one of the region’s leading builders ...

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    2. Next Phase of Viaduct Project Will Usher in Traffic Congestion

      Next Phase of Viaduct Project Will Usher in Traffic Congestion

      At a recent public meeting about the massive, ongoing I-91 viaduct project, attendees were able to view a yellowed page from the Springfield Daily News featuring an aerial shot of the viaduct slicing through the downtown in 1970. The headline: “I-91 Linkup Provides Access to a Bright City Future.”  That was a long time ago, said Richard Masse, acting director for Mass. Department of Transportation (DOT) Region 2.  “It’s been 45 years,” he told BusinessWest. “We’re way beyond the road being reliable. We shouldn’t have to come out and patch holes, but we’ve been doing that ...

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    3. Taylor Street Dental Revitalizes Historic Stacy Building

      Taylor Street Dental Revitalizes Historic Stacy Building

      It’s a building. An important building, said Dr. David Peck.  “We wanted to meld this old, historic building with our dental practice — meld them together, old and new,” he said of the logo, but also of his practice itself, which for 30 years had been known simply as David I. Peck, DMD and been housed in a storefront on Worthington Street, in downtown Springfield’s club district.  But he was looking to move, and became intrigued by the Stacy Building a block away — its striking architecture, solid bones, and storied history, but also its proximity to where he had ...

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    4. Greenfield, Northampton Banks Make a Smooth Transition

      Greenfield, Northampton Banks Make a Smooth Transition

      For the CEO of Greenfield Cooperative Bank, the recent merger with Northampton Cooperative Bank — joining two institutions with a combined 236 years of history — made sense on a number of levels, from their similar cultures to the prospect of greater lending clout, to different but compatible branch footprints that eliminated the need for layoffs. The goal, he said, was to make the merger as seamless for customers as possible, while putting a broader range of services within their reach. For 36 years in the banking industry, Michael Tucker has weathered plenty of changes, so the recent merger of Greenfield Cooperative ...

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    5. Attendance Surging, the Big E Looks to the Future - BusinessWest

      Attendance Surging, the Big E Looks to the Future - BusinessWest

      Since taking over as CEO of the Eastern States Exposition in 2012, Gene Cassidy has overseen record-setting attendance during the 17-day Big E fair and a robust series of year-round events that, together, generate nearly a half-billion dollars in economic impact. But that success is no fluke; it’s a result of year-round work and the ability to plan years down the road. That road will soon bring several challenges, from increased competition for dollars (notably from a Springfield casino) to a very worrisome highway reconstruction. But with a century of history behind it, the Big E seems poised for ...

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    6. Valley Fest Organizers Raise a Toast to Springfield and the Region

      Valley Fest Organizers Raise a Toast to Springfield and the Region

      White Lion will present Valley Fest on Aug. 29 in Court Square in downtown Springfield, expecting to draw some 2,000 beer enthusiasts to sample more than 100 different offerings of beer and hard cider made by more than 50 craft brewing companies from throughout the region — and well beyond.  “This is about the city of Springfield, about the region, but it also revolves around craft beer,”  White Lion is actually the first one of those brewers based in the City of Homes, and Berry hopes the festival — which will also feature culinary fare from local restaurants, live music, and ...

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    7. Facing a Talent Crisis

      Facing a Talent Crisis

      That means he’s always looking for people like him, who at some point discover a love for computers and information technology and are skilled at it. But finding those people has not been easy.  “Technology encompasses such a vast range of jobs,” he told BusinessWest. “Programmers and coders are a completely separate thing from people who do what we do, providing managed services, managing people’s networks … and that’s totally different from, say, web design.”  By all accounts, opportunities in those fields and many others in the IT realm are only growing. Yet, at the same time, the ...

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    8. Holding the Line

      Holding the Line

      Rick Sullivan acknowledged the obvious: No one likes paying more for heating their home.  “It’s a very real pocketbook issue. The average resident saw what happened to their electric bill this winter; it went up drastically because of the availability and price of natural gas,” said Sullivan, president of the Western Massachusetts Economic Development Council (EDC). “Right now, natural gas is setting the price for power in this region.”  But, on a larger scale, it’s also setting back the region’s economic-development potential at a time when Western Mass. is starting to see signs of growth and recovery.

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    9. Planting Seeds

      Planting Seeds

      “Harold’s vision is for college students to understand that entrepreneurship is not only a viable option, but also a prestigious one,” said Cari Carpenter, director of entrepreneurship initiatives at the Grinspoon Charitable Foundation.  “Over the past 12 years, we have engaged all 14 colleges in the Valley in an endeavor to collaborate to really support students exploring those career options,” she added. “I really think the fact that we have this intercollegiate collaboration, where each college has a faculty-member liaison on campus, and they encourage students to participate in our high-profile events, encourages business creation in the Pioneer Valley.”

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    10. The Next Chapter

      The Next Chapter

      Having been a mayor, Richard Sullivan Jr. understands how city leaders think. But he wants them to broaden their horizons.  “Cities often don’t focus on the importance of regional development,” said Sullivan, the new president of the Western Mass. Economic Development Council (EDC). “I understand the parochialness; every community wants development they think is appropriate for their community first.

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    11. Gaming Face

      Gaming Face

      Ask Seth Stratton for his job description, and he’s likely to respond, “which day?”  “I don’t know the answer, and that’s the exciting part of this job,” said Stratton, who was recently named vice president and general counsel for MGM Springfield, making him only the company’s second full-time hire, after President Michael Mathis.  “This is a unique development,” Stratton said of the $800 million resort casino expected to open in 2017. “Western Massachusetts has never seen this type of development, and the statute [legalizing casinos] poses legal questions that haven’t been addressed yet in Massachusetts ...

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    12. Playing for Keeps

      Playing for Keeps

      The video-game-development company that he and Paul Hake started in 2008 has grown exponentially from its humble beginnings and now employs about 35 people. Based first in Greenfield, then Hatfield, and most recently in Amherst, the firm relocated to downtown Springfield last week, thanks to a commitment of $1.25 million by area investors to keep HitPoint local at a time when Boston and California were calling.

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    13. Thirst for Progress

      Thirst for Progress

      David Reckhow says water treatment is ripe for innovation.  “We’re working with technologies that are about a century old. We haven’t really advanced all that much over the past 100 years,” said the professor in UMass Amherst’s College of Engineering. “Think about biotechnology or information technology, and all the advances that have been made over the past century. Now imagine what our lives would be like if we had 100-year-old information technology.”  But that’s what water-treatment workers must deal with. Admittedly, one reason is that the processes in use have worked remarkably well at keeping people ...

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    14. For the Long Haul | BusinessWest

      For the Long Haul | BusinessWest

      CNR MA expects to break ground on its new, $60 million plant sometime in 2015, just as planned worker-training programs begin to gear up. The initial project to build 152 Orange Line cars and 132 Red Line cars — replacing vehicles that have been in use for between 35 and 45 years — is set to continue until a planned delivery date of 2021, but by then, the company is hopeful that an expanded workforce will be busy with other projects well into the future.  “This is huge,” Cruise said, “not only for the whole issue of job creation, but also for ...

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    15. Across the Generations

      Across the Generations

      Rebecca Caplice laughed when asked whether Greenfield Savings Bank had seen growth of its online and mobile services among younger customers.  “You’d be surprised at the acceptance across the board,” said Caplice, the bank’s president. “My father is 87 years old, and he’s on Facebook and Twitter every day. It’s really not just young people asking for these things; we are all attached to those mobile devices. I can hardly remember what it was like when someone in a group of people had a question, and no one knew the answer. Now we just look it ...

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    16. Big Picture | BusinessWest

      Big Picture | BusinessWest

      There’s an art and science to marketing commercial real estate. In some cases, lots of art.  Take 1350 Main Street, or One Financial Plaza, in downtown Springfield, which was recently branded the MassLive Building after its newest tenant, which is leasing 11,000 square feet of space and paying for the right to emblazon the tower with its logo. MassLive is among several companies and colleges that have recently forged deals at 1350 Main, drawn by its location, its noteworthy art galleries (more on that later), and what Evan Plotkin describes as a palpable “vibe” at the site.

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    17. Explosion of Potential

      Explosion of Potential

      The good news, Hively noted, is that the innovation district has plenty going for it already, from the neighborhood’s pre-existing geographic assets to economic-development success stories such as the Baystate Innovation Center, a business accelerator that creates an anchor and partner for health technology startups; the entrepreneurial support system of entities like Valley Venture Mentors, Springfield Angels, and River Valley Investors; and Tech Foundry, which acts as a training ground for building career skills and filling job openings.

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    18. Promising Venture | BusinessWest

      Promising Venture | BusinessWest

      In addition, MassMutual will invest more than $1.5 million over the next three years in a startup accelerator managed by Valley Venture Mentors (VVM), an entrepreneur-mentoring network based in Springfield. The first class of the accelerator will feature 30 startups to be selected through a competitive application process later this summer. DevelopSpringfield, a nonprofit dedicated to revitalizing the city, has been tasked with building out the physical location for the accelerator in the Tower Square building downtown.  “We’re building off a mentorship program that we’ve been running now for three and a half years,” said Scott Foster ...

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    19. Team Player | BusinessWest

      Team Player | BusinessWest

      In her first two months on the job, Marqusee has been busy spending time in many different areas of the hospital and, in fact, the entire CDH network. “I’m trying to make people understand that it’s not just a hospital; Cooley Dickinson is also the VNA, off-site physician practices, radiology, and rehab,” just to name a few, she said.
      “I’m also trying to meet people from different shifts — nights, weekends, evenings. It’s a whole new world at night, so I’m trying to understand their challenges, too. I’m just trying to create some visibility; I ...

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    20. Class Action | BusinessWest

      Class Action | BusinessWest

      Paragus Strategic IT, by any measure, is one of the Pioneer Valley’s recent success stories, a fast-growing technology firm that’s getting set to move into a brand-new building in Hadley, having long outgrown its current location.  In fact, said its president, Delcie Bean, the firm would like to grow even faster, but that’s not always possible, because of the difficulty finding the right talent. It’s a story other business owners have been telling as well.  “We have been struggling with staffing for a long time, as has everyone else in the area,” Bean said. “We thought ...

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    21. Trade Secrets | BusinessWest

      Trade Secrets | BusinessWest

      To Ann Pieroway, the statistics speak volumes.  Take, for example, the fact that Massachusetts companies exported more than $26.8 billion in goods last year — a 4.63% increase over 2012 — and ranks as the 17th-highest exporting state in the U.S.  Or that the Bay State ranks second nationally in seafood exports, third in medical-device exports, and fourth in the U.S. in high-tech exports. Or that 28% of the state’s manufacturing workers depend on international exports for their jobs, which ranks fourth nationally.  Those achievements don’t happen in a vacuum, said Pieroway, regional director of the ...

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    22. Sovereign Rulers | BusinessWest

      Sovereign Rulers | BusinessWest

      When the Sovereign Bank signs suddenly came down across Massachusetts last fall, replaced by the Santander Bank name, it was … well, anything but sudden.
      “We branded as Santander on Oct. 17, but as you can imagine, a lot of work went on behind the scenes prior to the rebranding,” said David L’Heureux, Santander’s market manager of Commercial Banking for Massachusetts and New Hampshire, as he explained why the international banking giant, based in Spain, made the name change almost four years after acquiring Sovereign.  “We’ve been preparing for the rebranding for the past year and a half ...

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    23. Community Spotlight: Holyoke | BusinessWest

      Community Spotlight: Holyoke | BusinessWest

      Over the past two years, said the city’s 24-year-old mayor, “we’ve been doing some excellent planning, laying the foundation for things we’ll be pursuing in 2014. And we have a lot of projects happening this year. Residents, and people visiting Holyoke, have been noticing the changes in the city.”  Added Marcos Marrero, Holyoke’s planning director, “where 2012 was a big year for planning, and in 2013 we took steps to bring things to fruition, we’ll actually see that fruition in 2014.”

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    24. Care Traffic Control | BusinessWest

      Care Traffic Control | BusinessWest

      The screens tell the story. Hundreds of stories, actually.  They line the walls of a room at Mercy Medical Center, appropriately called the ‘hub.’ One screen details the occupant of each inpatient bed and their anticipated time of discharge. Another details patient movement in the emergency room, while other screens keep tabs on various hospital departments. And at any time, specially trained nurses known as clinical care coordinators, or C3s, can call up a patient’s status to make sure they’re getting the care they need in a timely fashion.  “We were looking to some system to pull the ...

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