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    1. Sunderland celebrates 300 years of community: Viewpoint

      Sunderland celebrates 300 years of community: Viewpoint

      It was that soil which no doubt drew early settlers more than three centuries ago to what is the southernmost community in Franklin County and which has proven to be the lifeblood of the town once known as Swampfield.  Drive Route 47 along North and South Main streets through the heart of Sunderland and you'll find historic (and newer) homes that stand on some of the original 40 lots designated when the town was incorporated in 1718, fronted by now towering maple trees planted many decades ago. Better yet, return when fall's foliage season turns those maples ablaze ...

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    2. Gov. Deval Patrick names Richard K. Sullivan Jr. to chief of staff post

      Gov. Deval Patrick names Richard K. Sullivan Jr. to chief of staff post

      Gov. Deval Patrick this morning announced the appointment of energy and environmental affairs secretary Richard K. Sullivan Jr. as his new chief of staff. Sullivan, the former mayor of Westfield, will take over the post from Brendan Ryan, who is reported to be headed to involvement in the governor's political action committee. Sullivan, who began serving as a member of Patrick's administration in 2007 as state commissioner for conservation and recreation, was elevated to the gubernatorial cabinet position in December 2010, succeeding secretary Ian Bowles.

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