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    1. Gov. Patrick signs multi-million dollar military bond bill

      Gov. Patrick signs multi-million dollar military bond bill

      Gov. Deval Patrick has signed a bill authorizing the state to borrow up to $177 million for improvements to the state’s military bases. The measure approved by lawmakers earlier this month would include $9 million in immediate funding for military and civilian runway upgrades at the Barnes Air National Guard Base and adjacent Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport. The bill also authorizes nearly $3 million for energy and communications upgrades at Hanscom Air Force Base. An additional $100,000 would allow for the relocation of the National Guard’s Military Museum from Worcester to Concord.

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    2. Weeklong heat wave taxing New England power grid

      Weeklong heat wave taxing New England power grid

      Spokeswoman Marcia Blomberg says ISO expects to have enough power to meet demand, but there's a potential that a surplus of more than 2,000 megawatts could run thin. The Holyoke-based grid operator says it may seek emergency electricity from other regions or ask businesses to reduce power use. - See more at: http://bostonherald.com/business/business_markets/2013/07/weeklong_heat_wave_taxing_new_england_power_grid?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+bostonherald%2Fbusiness+%28Business+-+BostonHerald.com%29#sthash.ShgeO2Hf.dpuf

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