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    Hoop City Jazz & Arts Festival in Springfield gets good review Enrollment soars at area community colleges Michael Kittredge III opens Kringle Candle in Bernardston | masslive.com Monson Savings Bank Donates $25,000 to Baystate Health’s Greatest Needs Fund Springfield adding meal sites, dinner to free meal distribution; drive-through locations available - masslive.com Coronavirus: Massachusetts House passes eviction moratorium bill to address economic impact of COVID-19 - masslive.com Coronavirus response: After Patriots’ plane with medical supplies arrives in Boston, Gov. Charlie Baker says ‘Our job now is to protect each other’ - masslive.com Coronavirus and the economy: US Rep. Richard Neal asks when feds will send money to process new unemployment claims Bankers Say Institutions Are Committed to Helping Communities Through the Crisis Coronavirus relief act brings $4.8 million to Western Massachusetts, says US Rep. Richard Neal MGM executives take pay cuts, buy stock to build confidence MassMutual brings FutureSmart financial education course online for distance learners