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    1. Westfield pledges to update citizens on $14.4 million of Main and Broad streets and Park Square

      Westfield pledges to update citizens on $14.4 million of Main and Broad streets and Park Square
      “There has been wonderful support from the city to all who are impacted by the ongoing work,” Business Improvement District director Lisa G. McMahon said. “The turnout last month warranted a change of venue for the next meeting. We hope people come out to hear what is being done and what to expect as the project proceeds,” she said.
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    2. Westfield officials pledge to minimize disruption of traffic during Main and Broad streets reconstruction program

      The downtown road project calls for reconstruction of Main and Broad streets from Little River to West Silver streets. It will include road improvements to portions of connecting streets in the downtown and improvements to Park Square. During the project, the city will upgrade utilities including water and sewer in the area. “It will be a tough two years,” said Westfield BID Director Lisa McMahon. “But, in the end we will have a beautiful new downtown,” she said.
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