1. EDC VP, Ann Burke serves on internhere.com board

    Internhere.com is a terrific FREE resource for businesses to find talented young interns to work on projects within their companies and organizations. Interhere.com is an outgrowth of the Hartford Springfield Economic Development Partnership ("HSEP"). Companies can list internship opportunities to find students in a broad range of fields from marketing to finance, from engineering to the arts. Internships can be paid or unpaid, full or part time and sometimes for academic credit. Interhere.com is easy to use, free to companies to list opportunities and a great source to find a young motivated talent pool. The EDC is represented on the Internhere.com Board of Directors and has helped grow participation by western mass companies by 10% over the last year. Students tell us they would stay in western mass if they perceive that there are employment opportunities or other ways to advance their careers. Check out www.Internhere.com for details and how to sign up.

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