1. Community colleges tackle tech education with federal help

    Community colleges tackle tech education with federal help
    Rapidly evolving technology, low minority and female participation, youth apathy, and the gulf between an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s are straining science, technology, engineering and math education at the community college level. Rather than buckle under, local community colleges are using funds from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health to find new ways to solve their problems.
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    1. The intention is to create that pipeline so we have equitable access and equitable outcomes.
    2. They've been through this themselves and can relate to the students.
    3. We like them to learn some of the basic molecular tools.
    4. They're plenty bright and plenty interested, but they have all kinds of family and money issues, so it can be tough to focus.
    5. We're helping them learn the stuff so they can teach it in their classrooms.
    6. Out here in western Mass., there are still towns and parts of towns that don't have a broadband option.
    7. If you expose teachers to engineering content, they at least have a little familiarity, they're more comfortable talking about it.
    8. The idea is to engage them in, I guess you would it call it, authentic science.
    9. You can get professional development without costing districts any money.
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