1. EDC Meets with Paper, Packaging and Coating companies

    Mike Graney and Allan Blair from the EDC, along with Mike Vedovelli from the Mass Office of Business Development, met with executives from some of the region's Paper, Packaging and Coating companies last week. This was another in a series of cluster meetings organized by the EDC to assess the current state of key regional clusters and to see how the EDC can assist in supporting and expanding their operations. The EDC wishes to thank David Southworth of the Southworth Company for hosting this event. While this industry is considered mature in our region, the companies are all in the middle of global supply chains and they sell internationally, typical of a dynamic industry. The executives spoke of the continued “greening” of the industry and the importance of sustainability to their customers. For more information, to share ideas or to schedule a cluster meeting of your own, please contact Mike Graney at 413-755-1300 or m.graney@westernmassedc.com or Ann Burke at 413-755-1374 or a.burke@westernmassedc.com

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