1. Library has aids for job seekers

    CHICOPEE - Based on the economy and job losses, Chicopee Public Library has taken the lead to become a source for job seekers through a new Career Self-Help Center.
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    1. We started collecting the new materials to create the center over the summer. This section was set up for the purpose of helping folks who may be looking for work. It's in the lower level opposite the reference desk. Jennifer has been our guru in this area.
    2. We have been getting books and materials together for this and we now have a collection on a nice variety of subjects.
    3. There are four data bases on line that contain information on careers and colleges and it profiles jobs and gives people insight on jobs which are expanding or declining.
    4. People come in for a book and once they see the career center, they come back and use it themselves. It is easy to search. It is good for adults to get GED information and for high school students looking for college information and it helps people going back to graduate school.
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