1. European Business Development Mission 2012

    European Business Development Mission 2012

    I spent the previous two weeks in Europe on my annual business development mission to solicit inbound investment to western Massachusetts and/or partnerships with firms in our region. I spent three days in Düsseldorf attending Medica, the largest medical device trade show in the world (over 130,000 attendees), and four days in The Netherlands. I met with executives from 22 companies in the medical device, IT, defense, diagnostics, plastics, glass and sports medicine industries, and even a producer who wants to shoot a film in Massachusetts. This was a particularly productive trip as it is reasonably likely that half of these firms will visit our region in 2013. Some have already been here and remain interested in partnerships with firms in our region. And I have generated connections to three new local firms already.

    I met with European site selectors, lead generators and regional economic development officials as well. These can pay off in future contacts as these are the sources for the 22 meetings this year. And it puts western Mass on itineraries for trade missions for which we would otherwise be ignored. New England remains a priority location choice for European firms and the US is particularly attractive right now because Europe’s ongoing crises are forcing their profitable companies to look elsewhere for growth opportunities.

    If any regional company is interested in exploring international business opportunities like these, please contact me at 413-755-1300 or m.graney@westernmassedc.com to take advantage of the EDC’s global connections.

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