1. Springfield Promotes College? Yes! Campaign

    The EDC is passing this message from Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno and Superintendent of Schools Dan Warwick along to our readers to
    help publicize the City’s College? Yes! Program.

    On October 26 – 28, 2012 the City of Springfield will be launching its first ever city-wide effort to inspire and support higher education aspirations for Springfield families, called College? YES! A city-wide
    team of educators, businesses, community, and faith-based leaders has been
    volunteering its time and talents to design this initiative to build awareness
    and the capacity of our families around the importance of pursuing a college
    education. Our goal is to make the concept of attending and graduating from college
    a realistic and attainable goal for all of our students and adults.

    The business community is a critical component of this plan and we
    hope you will consider joining this initiative and getting involved in whatever
    capacity suits your company the best. Please visit the College? Yes! Website --
    -- for more information. Whether it’s promoting College? YES! in your
    store or having employees wear their college alma mater apparel, we want the College?
    campaign to be prevalent throughout the weekend in Springfield.

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