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    A Changed Landscape | BusinessWest

    “One of the big questions today for organizations like the United Way is, how do we keep the infrastructure in place to really support and promote our mission and our work?” she explained. “You need to have an administrative infrastructure in order to do the kind of work that needs to be done in communities — so who pays for that?”

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    1. It's something really different — which you definitely need these days.
    2. Years ago, many of the managers of nonprofits were former corporate executives, They would go to their corporate contacts and very passionately pitch the cause … and people would just start writing checks.
    3. Some are very interested in the arts, some are into cancer research; you have to find the right match for you.
    4. This program is about addressing at-risk high-school students who have very low GPAs, are repeaters, and have low attendance and behavior problems.
    5. Employees want to be able to trust one another; partners in a business relationship want to be able to trust one another.