1. Members of Massachusetts Gaming Commission leave Springfield with

    Members of Massachusetts Gaming Commission leave Springfield with

    Crosby and the four other gaming commissioners – Bruce Stebbins, Gayle Cameron, James McHugh and Enrique Zuniga – convened at the end of the forum to officially announce the commission is ready to accept initial applications from possible casino developers. Starting Thursday, developers seeking a casino license in Massachusetts can fill out a form and pay a $400,000, nonrefundable application fee to achieve the status of official applicant, allowing them to meet with state agencies about permits and letting communities know they are serious.

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    1. If you don't sit these folks down, they will try to maximize their little box and keep everybody in the box.
    2. I do not believe it is going to offer the economic stimulus.
    3. It's critical that the casino become part of the community.
    4. In many respects, a regional approach is the only approach in terms of mitigating this.
    5. If a casino company has identified a site and is working on it already, a potential surrounding community would be well advised to call up and get talking.
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