1. Buy Mass Event at Pratt & Whitney

    Buy Mass Event at Pratt & Whitney

    The EDC collaborated with Associated Industries of
    Massachusetts (“AIM”) and the Massachusetts Office of Business Development (“MOBD”)
    to organize a “Buy Mass” event on Monday at Pratt & Whitney in East
    Hartford. Executives from Pratt’s Global Supply Chain team interviewed 13
    Massachusetts firms, over half of whom were from western Mass, on a search for
    new suppliers. The early returns were positive from Pratt and the Mass firms
    that participated. AIM and the EDC are coordinating follow-up with Pratt. There
    are still many steps to take before Pratt will certify a new supplier, but we
    are optimistic that this event will enhance the already strong Knowledge
    Corridor supply chain in the aerospace industry.

    The EDC, AIM and MOBD will work with OEM’s to host Buy Mass
    events where your company can specify the parts, services or technologies that
    you want and need to grow. Let us do the legwork to identify SME’s that can
    fulfill your needs and you make the ultimate decision about who to engage. For
    more information about a Buy Mass opportunity for your firm, please contact
    Mike Graney at the EDC at 413-755-1300 or m.graney@westernmassedc.com or
    Chris Geehern at AIM at (800) 470-6277 or cpg@aimnet.org.

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